06.16.2009 Marielle

Brandon & Rachel. Engagements.

It was last summer and I was shooting a gorgeous wedding in Reno. The food was amazing. The sun was slowly sinking into a desert sky. People laughed and were having a great time. And the music was bumping. I walked over to the DJ to tell him what a fantastic job he was doing & as I got closer, I realized that the DJ was none other than my friend Brandon! We started chatting & I told him that when he got married he HAD TO CALL ME! (It was a little more like a threat than a request but whateva…..)

Fast forward a little less than one year…I get an email from Brandon telling me that he was pretty darn sure he had found THE ONE and that he was getting ready to propose. I was beyond excited for him because I knew how deeply he was in love with Rachel. AND I knew that meant he wanted me to shoot his wedding!

Here’s their story…..

Rachel has a fabulous family who wants nothing but the very best for her. Her uncle and her little sisters were just dying to set Rachel up with Brandon. With just a few little nudges from her family, Rachel and Brandon started hanging out, going boating together and spending more and more and more time together. Rachel said that she realized that she was in love with Brandon because, “Every day I spent with Brandon was just a perfect day.” They both realized that they wanted those perfect days to turn into perfect weeks, months and forevers. I am just so happy that Brandon has found someone just as wonderful and fun as he is. I am so excited for their wedding next month in the Oakland Temple!

Thanks for the fun & adventurous session, you guys! I had a blast and can’t wait to be part of your wedding! xoxo, Marielle

As always, to view and order prints from their ultra-fab session, go HERE.













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  1. I love the train ones. So cool. I want you to do family portraits for us this fall.

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