07.20.2009 Marielle

Dawn & Kyle. Engagements.

It was my very first day of college when I met Dawn. She was making her way around the room, introducing herself to each & every person. Her smile lit up the room & everyone wanted to get to know her because they could see what a fabulous person she was. I knew I would be crazy if I did not become BFF’s with her right there and then!

I have admired Dawn since that first time we met, almost 10 years ago. She has always been a kind, sincere & true friend to me. She’s the type of friend I can call in the middle of the night for advice, the kind of friend who will be laugh with me & cry with me too, the type of friend who will dance with me like no one is watching…even though we want everyone to be watching…a fabulous BFF who I love & admire.

When Dawn called me to tell me that she’d met Kyle, I knew that there would be wedding bells in the future. They just seem to complete each other. In all the 10 years I’ve known Dawn, I have never, ever, ever, never, never seen her this happy. I want you to know that I am just as happy for you, Dawn! You so deserve the happiness you are enjoying right now. I am so anxious to photograph your wedding in the beginning of August! I can’t wait for you guys to start your lives together! xoxo, marielle.

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  1. K. Dunlap

    What!? No comments on Dawn’s pictures!? These are so cute! I’m so happy for Dawn. You did a great job Marielle!!!!!

  2. Dawn

    Marielle!!! These are absolutely fantastic! I LOVE them SO much!! Thank you so much, we had so much fun that day!

  3. Amber

    Wow!!! I love every single one of those pictures!! They are both so radiant! They seem like they are perfect for each other!!!

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