07.13.2009 Marielle

Better than a Red Bull.

There are times in my life when I feel like I need a boost. Not the type of boost that usually comes from a Red Bull, Mountain Dew or even from Jazzersize, but a real boost that comes & rejuvanates me right down to my soul.

Driving home the other night from a beautiful wedding reception, I looked out the window & saw an incredible sunset. I headed towards the nearest exit, pulled over & sat on the hood of my car & as light drops of rain fell on my forehead, I was rejuvinated. Right down to my soul. It is times like these when I remember how lucky I am to live in this beautiful world. It was exactly what I needed to feel uplifted & to remember how much I have been given & how God is so good is to each of us.

Here’s what I saw…

sunset blog1

sunset blog

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