09.02.2009 Marielle

Connie & Mark. Wedding.

The connection I felt with Connie & Mark was instant. We met a few months ago so I could get to know them… to talk about their story, how they met, fell in love, etc. During the course of our meeting, I knew that right there & then I was making friends who I would admire forever. As our meeting ended & we both went our separate ways, I heard Connie say to Mark, “I’m so happy she’s going to be our photographer! I reeeeally like her!” I felt the exact same way– I knew Connie & Mark would not only be awesome clients, but awesome friends, as well. Their laughter is contagious, their enthusiasm for life is palpable. I knew their wedding would be just as incredible as they are.

Connie & Mark had a beautiful two-day wedding at Corpus Christi Church & at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. Every detail was flawless, every moment was perfect. As Connie walked down the aisle in her gorgeous gown, Mark’s eyes lit up with love & they both smiled. Everyone who knows Connie & Mark know what amazing, thoughtful & selfless people they are & how incredible it is that they have found each other. Mark & Connie are the best of friends, a perfect couple & amazing people to be around.

Thank you so much, Connie & Mark for letting me be part of your amazing & wonderful wedding. I felt so welcomed…I felt like I was part of your family & I so appreciate your hospitality! I am certain that yours was a match made in heaven & I know that you will forever be in love! I am so lucky to have you both as my friends! xoxo, marielle.

Connie & Mark opted to do a “First Look” before their actual ceremony…here is Connie sneaking up on Mark.
















Connie surprised Mark by serenading him during their reception. There was not one dry eye in the room. It was such a sweet touch to their day. I had a hard time taking photos because I was sobbing like a baby!


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  1. Connie Le

    I looooooove these photos! Your story-telling photos make me all teary eyed again. 🙂 Marielle, I can’t reiterate enough how happy we were to have you as our photographer. Our entire family and friends instantly fell in love with you just the same. You’ve got that magnetic personality that attracts all sorts of people to you! Thank you!

  2. Marielle!
    Incredible shots. I loved what you wrote, you could really tell that you made this wedding personal and really connected with the bride and groom. They were lucky to have you as a photographer, the very first two black and white ones practically took my breath away. Terrific work. Keep it up.

  3. Jamie

    Love it! Especially the colors and the RING is gorgeous! What a beautiful couple! (enough !!! for you) Really it is how I feel about this one.

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