10.04.2009 Marielle

Dawn & Kyle. Wedding.

Dawn is a 100% type-of-girl. As in, she won’t make a decision unless she’s 100% positive it’s the right one. She won’t make the leap if she’s 95% sure….she will only do it if she is 100% sure, through and through.

When she met Kyle she knew very quickly that their relationship was 100% perfect. She knew 100% that Kyle was the man who would make her the happiest person she could be. And when she woke up on August 9th, she was 100% ready to slip into her beaded white dress & become Kyle’s stunning bride. As they exited the doors of the Reno temple on that unusually cold August morning, I can honestly say I have never seen either Dawn or Kyle so 100% perfectly happy. They are a perfect match-they understand & love each other, & are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Everyone who knows them knows that their joining together in marriage is nothing but perfect. As in 100% perfect.

Their wedding was incredible & even though the weather was freeeeeeezing, everything was gorgeous. From the fabulous orange flowers to their elegant cake all the way down to the best bridal party EVER (hey…I’m a little partial because I was a bridesmaid!) every detail was amazing. Dawn & Kyle also gave me a bunch of time between their wedding & their reception to take tons of bride & groom photographs. I was in love! I highly recommend this to all my future couples! At their stylish reception, Dawn & Kyle spent the night dancing away & enjoying the company of each & every guest who came to celebrate their love.

Dawn & Kyle…I am so grateful to see the both of you sooooooo happy & I am thankful to God for putting you together. It was 100% meant to be! I know your lives will be filled with nothing but happiness & joy! I love you both! xoxo, marielle.

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  1. Danielle Townsend

    Love them (the pictures)! Love THEM (the people)! Love YOU (you)!!!

  2. Amber

    I love all of them! Especially the one where Kyle is dipping Dawn in front of that alluminum wall thing! And I must say that I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE her boquet!

  3. Dawn

    Marielle! You, and all of these pictures are FABULOUS! I can not thank you enough for not only being one of my best friends , but also for taking these amazing pictures that I know I will love forever!

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