11.23.2009 Marielle

Elisha & Nick. Wedding.

Love means different things to different people. To Elisha & Nick, love means trust. It means comfort. There is a sense of comfort & of peace when Elisha & Nick are together. It seems as though all the cares & problems in the world blow away in the wind when they are in each other’s presence. When they are together, everything is right in the world.

As Elisha walked down the aisle, tears streamed down Nick’s face as he first laid eyes on his soon to be bride. With Elisha’s arm wrapped tightly around her father’s, she smiled a knowing smile. A smile that suggested that she knew her love for Nick was nothing short of incredible. A smile that suggested that she knew he would always be the man of her dreams.┬áTheir wedding was held at the gorgeous Hacienda de las Flores in Moraga. It was such a gorgeous location to photograph! I was in love with the glow of the fall light, the perfect weather, the to-die-for Mexican food & I really loved the mariache band to who serenaded the guests after the ceremony. The setting was perfect & each guest was surrounded by the love & comfort that Elisha & Nick share with each other.

Elisha & Nick-thank you so much for having me photograph your gorgeous wedding! I know that the two of you will be so happy together & that the love you share will touch every person you meet. xoxo, marielle.


I love this photograph of Nick waiting patiently for his bride to walk down the aisle…













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  1. Elisha

    Thank you Marielle! These turned out wonderfully! I have been so anxious and excited to see these but have been hanging on to my last wedding “surprise”! Thank you so much, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer and better photographer!

  2. I love weddings in Autumn! The colors are gorgeous and so are the photos, Bride and Groom!

  3. I love the trumpet picture! You know what else I love about your photography….you always are trying something new and you never stick with the same old shots over and over!

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