12.10.2009 Marielle

Erin & Steve. Engagements.

Their paths were supposed to cross. In fact, it was inevitable. Erin was volunteering at a church camp when one of the camp attendee’s approached her & mentioned that she had an uncle. Who just so happened to have lots of things in common with Erin. And who just so happened to be single. Erin agreed & before they knew it, she & Steve were on their first date, hitting it off just as Steve’s niece had expected. The only problem was that Steve lived in Texas & Erin lived in Utah. No matter, though because they made it work. Despite the miles that separated them, they were able to get to know each other through spontanious “meet me in the middle” trips. They both knew early on that what they had was incredible. Before long, Steve realized that he couldn’t live without Erin in his life. After a hike on Mt. Timpanogous, Steve took one knee & asked Erin to be his wife. She said yes! Even with the miles that came between them, they were able to meet & fall in love. It is a fabulous story & one that hits close to home for me since my husband & I were long distance in the beginning of our relationship, as well.

We headed to the Truckee Rive in Reno for their engagement session & I was totally in loooooooove with the fabulous fall colors & the incredible lighting. AND I’m beyond in loooooove with Erin’s pixie hair cut! Seriously-it is adorable! We had a fun time exploring & finding some fantastic places for their photos & we had a great time!

I am so excited to be the photographer for Erin & Steve’s wedding in March! If their engagement session was any indication of what their wedding will be, I suspect that there will be lots of love & laughter. Erin & Steve- I really enjoyed the time I spent with you! You seem to be perfectly matched & I feel honored to be documenting your special day! Looking forward to your gorgeous wedding! xoxo, marielle.














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  1. What yummy light! And, the leaf pic with all that delicious sunflare — oh I’m a sucker for sunflare!!
    (PS — we got our gift today– and what a wonderful gift it is!!! Thank you SOOO much Marielle!! We appreciate it all the way down to our freezing toes. Reno is cold.)

  2. Kirsten Olsen

    Is that my cousin?! You look amazing! Mom’s been keeping me updated and I’m so happy for you… K

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