12.07.2009 Marielle

Jane & Alex. Engagements.

I adore how many love stories start out with a fabulous friendship that over time blossoms into love. Friends who laugh together, share their hopes & dreams with each other & as time elapses, they come to the realization that not only they are best friends, but totally & completely in love. ¬†This is Jane & Alex’s story…

They started out just as friends. Jane & Alex started out just as friends because well, Alex was headed back to Japan & wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. But then Jane appeared & began to slowly change his mind. They would meet together in the early mornings for Alex to teach Jane dance lessons. They realized they had lots in common- but the thing that they had in common more than anything was the fact that they were in love with each other. And that is why Alex couldn’t leave to Japan. Because he knew if he did that his heart would be left in California with Jane. It’s a true, classic love story. Alex & Jane are amazingly in love & will be tying the knot in February!

Because Jane & Alex’s relationship blossomed during their dance lessons at Lake Merritt, we headed over to the lake for their engagement session. I had so much fun getting to know them & learning about their story. The November colors were incredible, the lighting was perfection & we had a great time together. Jane & Alex-I am sooooooooo excited & honored to be your wedding photographer in February! xoxo, marielle.















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