12.21.2009 Marielle

Baby Athen.

My friend Corene is incredible. She is constantly doing kind acts of service for other people-from teaching young girls from church to cook, attending service projects on Saturday mornings (when the rest of the world is still sleeping), driving people to places when they don’t have transportation of their own, & making goodies for the needy¬†just to name a few. And she does these things on a weekly basis, people! See, I told you she is incredible. She is always serving those around her & she does it with a smile on her face. She is one of the best examples of kindness & selflessness that I know.

Corene & her husband just had their adorable baby, Athen & let me tell you-he is beyond adorable! Because Corene is so wonderful with helping others, I know she will be the perfect little mommy. I am so happy that their little boy has made his arrival just in time for Christmas! I loved being able to photograph little Athen-he was such an angel! Rick & Corene, I am beyond happy for this new chapter in your life & I know you will be incredible parents! xoxo, marielle.
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  1. Facebook User

    He REALLY is a very cute baby boy! I love, love, love the hat pictures!!!

  2. Stina

    What a little sweetheart! I love that tiny hat! So cute! My favorite is the one of him on his tummy. Just something about new little babies and their little wrinkles. Ah! Not good for my ‘clock’. lol. Congrats to your friends. They sound just lovely.

  3. corene

    Thanks for the adorable pictures Marielle. I love them all. I think my favorite is the second one down.

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