12.14.2009 Marielle

Photo Swap.

I loooooove being behind the camera. It brings me joy every single time I lift the camera up to my eye & look through the viewfinder. Photography is my passion, something that I honestly can’t get enough of. I’ve always been fascinated with art & by being a photographer, I feel like in a way, I have become an artist. But there is one problem. Being behind the lens all the time means that I hardly have any photographs of myself!

After talking with a few of my fabulous photographer friends, we all decided we needed to do a photo swap. We had a great time taking each other’s photographs! It was a super relaxed, fun, fabulous time. I love how when given the same subject, each of us was able to see something different. That’s what makes photography art. Looking at our surroundings & showing people how we see the world.

Connie, Lynn & Sarah-thanks for the super fun photo shoot! I loved spending time with each of you! I had a blast & can’t wait to see how the photographs you took of me turned out! xoxo, marielle.

Here’s Lynn who is so full of life & has the most gorgeous smile on planet earth. Period. No questions asked.

Here’s Sarah sitting in the coolest doorway known to mankind. Sarah is my assistant & is one of the most dependable people ever.

Connie is incredible. She lives her life with passion for everything she does. And….her boots rock my world!


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