12.15.2009 Marielle

Sprenger Family.

I know Summer & Hunter from waaaaaaaay back-we all knew each other from church back in our college days. I’ve always been amazed at how both of them are so kind, so sweet, down to earth, hilarious & totally sexy all at the same time! Seriously-how do people like them luck out with every amazing quality? And to top off all the amazing-ness that Summer & Hunter have, they also have the sweetest, cutest little boy on the planet, possibly even the cutest boy in the universe. I’m not kidding! He was one of the best behaved little boy I’ve ever photographed!

We met up in Reno a few weeks back for a fun family photography session & it was freeeeeezing! I think that my body has acclimated to the Bay Area weather because by the end of the shoot, my fingers were totally frozen! Despite the cold, we had a great time & I think we got some amazing photographs.

Summer & Hunter-thank you so much for letting me photograph your family in all it’s fabulous-ness! I hope we can do it again sometime soon! xoxo, marielle.












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  1. Summer Sprenger

    The greatest thing about working with Marielle is that you absolutely know that your pictures are going to be great. We could have just rolled out of a tent wearing our pajamas and the photos would have turned out terrific.

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