01.02.2010 Marielle

Crystal. Bridals.

I was on my way to photograph Crystal’s bridals when my phone rang. On the other line was Nathan, Crystal’s fiancee. He said, “Marielle, Crystal doesn’t want me to see any photographs of her in her wedding dress before the big day. But is there any way I can see them? How much is it going to cost me to see these photographs you are about to take of Crystal?” I seriously laughed so hard when he called. Because I think he was serious-I really think he would have been willing to pay to see the photos!

Well, Nathan, you’ve waited long enough & TODAY you can see Crystal in her gorgeous wedding dress because TODAY is your wedding day! I’m so excited to head over to the Oakland temple to photograph Crystal & Nathan’s wedding. Knowing the both of them, I’m positive that their wedding is going to be nothing short of incredible & a ton of fun!

Here are my favorites from Crystal’s bridal session…

I absolutely loooooooove everything about this photograph…







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