01.07.2010 Marielle

Ellison Family.

Loved, loved, looooooooved this shoot! Tiffany has been friends with my mom so when I finally met Tiffany , I felt like I already knew her! She & her family were sweet, kind & totally up for anything. And when I say anything, I mean that this little family was totally okay with going into the gross alleyways, sitting on disgusting asphalt & basically anything else I told them to do. Like I said, they were down for anything. As if they weren’t already awesome, check out the gorgeousness that is the blue eyes of this family. Seriously. Amazing. I loved this family!

I took them to 4th Street in downtown Reno & we had a great time & I think we got some great shots!  I love the colors & the grungy feel of downtown Reno-it’s definitely one of my favorite places to shoot while in . They are sweet, fun & you can just see how happy they are as a sweet little family together.

Here are my favorites from this shoot! Thanks, you guys for being such stellar clients! I hope we can get together in the future for another fun shoot! xoxo, marielle.








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  1. Holy blue eyes, they are gorgeous! I love the photo against the blue wall. As always you rock.

    P.S. the password below is exercise… so rude! Why is it reminding me that I am lazy? Especially while drinking yummy Hot Cocoa.

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