02.10.2010 Marielle


When I woke up this morning, my mind was filled with things I am grateful for. For my life, my health, my sweetheart of a daughter & my fabulous, wonderful husband. I am very blessed in my life & thought I would share some simple things I am grateful for…

* Friends. I have such good, wonderful friends. I am so lucky to surround myself with creative, thoughtful & fabulous friends. And I’m glad that my friends want to be friends with ME-despite my annoying jokes & loud, overbearing personality.

* Cereal. Sounds corny, but my day WILL NOT START until I have a bowl of cereal. Any kind, any brand, any flavor. I don’t hate on any type of cereal except for Grape Nuts. Once I have my morning bowl, I am a happy camper & ready for the day!

* California Academy of Sciences…sounds like a weird thing to be grateful for but SERIOUSLY! This place is amazing-I love everything there from the rain forest, the multitude of exhibits with incredible fish & even the collection of Andy Warhol prints. This place is architecturally incredible & going there is such a learning experience. I love to take Hadley there & hear her talk about the “white alligator” and the “purple oppopus (octopus)” Love, love this place.

* Hope. We’ve had some lessons at church about hope & I’m grateful to have hope & faith in myself, in others & in the future that lies ahead. I’m grateful for God who gives me that hope every single day.

* Pandora. Sometimes I feel like my work experience wouldn’t be half as enjoyable if I wasn’t listening to my awesome playlists on my computer. Right now I’m rockin out to a Rhianna playlist. And I’m planning on listening to my Boston playlist later on. Pandora, I worship you.

* I’m grateful for the fact that my 2 year old has worn her pink tutu every.single.day this entire week. It makes me grateful that she has an appreciation for all things fabulous.

* My family. Seriously. They are awesome.

There are so many things I am grateful for & this year I’ve decided that I want to spend more time being thankful. Even if it is for the silly things in life. And because no post is good without a photograph, here’s a photo of Hadley being lazy & amazingly adorable.


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Marielle Hi! My name is Marielle Hayes and I am a photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to travel, bargain hunt and spend time with my husband, our daughter and our Boston Terrier. Enjoy my blog and leave me some comments to let me know what you think!

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  1. Lynn

    Is this picture from today?! She’s tooo adorable! And I do love her in her tutu! :0)

  2. Loved reading this post. You are an amazing and fabulous friend and I am so happy that we get to play, shop, talk. You are also an a amazing Mother… Hadley is a lucky little girl!
    Thank you for posting and this pic of Hadley is my favorite of the week.

  3. harriet

    i love grape-nuts. really! the weird thing is that my kids like it too. i couldn’t stand it as a kid.

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