03.30.2010 Marielle

Erin & Steve. Wedding.

You just look at them & you instantly know that they are in love. It’s the way Erin lights up when Steve laughs…it’s the way he places his hand in the small of her back. It’s the way that they hold hands over the center divider when they drive in the car. It’s love. It’s simple. And it’s beautiful. Erin & Steve were married on March 13th & just like their love, their wedding day was simply beautiful.

As I arrived at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, the clouds above were dark & heavy. The wind that blew was soooooooo cold that I felt it all the way down to my toes. Right before Erin & Steve walked out of the temple, the heavens opened up & literally dumped the hugest drops of rain I’ve ever seen. Surprisingly, Erin & Steve didn’t mind the cold, rainy weather. Not even a little bit. They laughed when the rain started to pour & they didn’t even care when the snow started to fall on their eyelashes. In all honesty, they didn’t care about the weather. All they cared about was that today was their wedding day & that today was the day that they were starting their own forever. And no amount of rain or snow could ruin their spirits.

Despite the crazy weather, Erin & Steve’s wedding was completely perfect. From Erin’s simple yet stunning bouquet of Cala Lilies to their delicious cake, all the details were wonderful. I was able to photograph their second reception in Reno one week after their wedding & that reception was equally as fabulous. Erin & Steve have wonderful families who are warm & welcoming & such a joy to be around. It was a wonderful experience & I was honored to be part of their special day.

Erin & Steve-I hope you both know that I think the world of you! I had such a wonderful time photographing your special day as well as your second reception. You are a fabulous, fun couple & I know that you will have a wonderful life together. You are a perfect match & I hope your time in Hawaii was incredible! With much love, xoxo, marielle.

They had a simple ring ceremony at the reception site-inside where it was warm & dry!

Erin’s ring is gorgeous! Nice work, Steve!

One week after their wedding, I was able to head to Reno to photograph their second reception. The weather was fabulous & so we spent some more time for Bride & Groom photographs…

This last photograph is by far my favorite from their wedding…


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  1. April Kroshus

    You are an incredible photographer, Marielle!!! I love looking at your photos. What a beautiful couple. Someday, if I ever remarry I want you to photograph it, okay?

  2. Lisa A.

    Great pictures Marielle! I love how you can take a cloudy day and turn it into something amazing!

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