04.02.2010 Marielle

Evelyn & Dave. Engagements.

Neither of them wanted to hang out with their friends that night. After all, Evelyn had just put in a 12 hr shift at work & Dave was beyond ready to go to sleep. Somehow, as most friends do, they convinced them to go out for a night of fun. As Evelyn & her friends were waiting for everyone to arrive, Dave approached them & introduced himself; chit chatting & small talking until the rest of his friends showed up. The night evolved & the group went dancing & then ended the night at a local taqueria. By the end of the night it was obvious. Dave & Evelyn were totally into each other & although they had not wanted to hang out with their friends at the beginning of the evening, they were soooooo glad that they did! As they parted ways for the night, Dave asked Evelyn for her number. He called her the next day & they’ve been together ever since. And that’s how their story began…

Early into their relationship, Dave received a job offer where that sent him all the way from Texas to California. Although he & Evelyn were far apart from each other, they would spend every night on the phone, getting to know each other better, confiding in each other & ultimately falling head over heels in love. Evelyn ended up moving out to the coast & their relationship has grown stronger & stronger ever since. 7 years after they met, on a relaxing vacation in Maui, Dave popped the question to Evelyn. She said yes & they’ve never been happier.

I loved meeting up with Dave & Evelyn for their engagements. We had a fabulous time tromping through the fields behind the Legion of Honor for their photographs. I instantly knew I would get along with them-they are fun, easy going & just such wonderful people. Dave & I share the same obsession with sugary candy…Evelyn & I share the same love for BCBG dresses & metallic flats. I loved, LOVED this shoot & I can’t wait for their beautiful wedding at the end of this month!

I love how Dave makes Evelyn laugh…

Evelyn, you are beyond gorgeous!

Can you say bling? Seriously nice work on the ring, Dave!

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Marielle Hi! My name is Marielle Hayes and I am a photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to travel, bargain hunt and spend time with my husband, our daughter and our Boston Terrier. Enjoy my blog and leave me some comments to let me know what you think!

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  1. Melinda

    I love these pictures. The couple looks sooooooooooo in love. You did a great job capturing it.

  2. Melinda

    This couple looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in love. You did a fabulous job capturing that.

  3. The light in these photos is so beautiful! What a fun couple, you are such a lucky lady to meet fabulous people. You are right Evelyn is so pretty. My favorite has to be the pic with her laughing.

  4. Lizz

    This last one is gorgeous and looks like a painting!!!

  5. Dillon Lambert

    Marielle- You always seem to capture the energy people have between each other. Another great set of pictures… especially love the the “bling” shot of the ring!

  6. Liz

    I love the feel of these photos Marielle, they are timeless and classic!!

  7. Denise McWhorter

    Ok. Enough with all of the sappy stuff!!! Girl…. You know I am going to shoot from the hip because I can’t be there to give you advice on the special day… CLOSE YOUR EYES WHEN THAT MAN IS KISSING YOU!!! I can’t tell you enough how sad we are that we cannot be there. The ring is speechless. Dave, Will you marry me?! My favorite two picture are the one where he is kissing you on the forehead and the one where you are sideways holding hands! You look 19 in that picture!! Too beautiful!! We love you guys!
    Love, Denise

  8. Cathy Noble

    You guys are just STUNNING!!! Im sooooooo sad that Im missing this wedding! I absolutely love the one of Dave kissing your forehead and the one of you laughing is priceless. Perfect light, perfect day, perfect couple…ah love!

  9. These are beautiful! You can tell how in love they are. Great job capturing it! I love the second to last one! The composition and the post processing is spot on! 🙂

  10. Erika Sumner

    What a wonderful job of capturing the bride’s beauty inside and out! You all are so cute together. Best wishes and looking forward to the wedding album which I’m sure will be a perfect sequel!

  11. I can’t say which one I liked best. All were very good choices! Can’t wait for the white finale! You two make for a gorgeous couple and both cleaned up wel–Truly made for each other for sure!
    I wish you the very best and I appreciate sharing your pics!

    God Bless You Both!
    Maria Owens, First Cousin to the Bride’s Mother

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