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Melanie & Sam. Wedding.

It was the perfect day. The rain from the day before had passed & raindrops were still fresh on the blades of grass. The sun was high in the blue sky & it was literally the most gorgeous day. As Melanie & Sam saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, their smiles were as radiant & as warming as the gorgeous sun. You see, this was the day that they had both waited for-they have been together since High School & have long since known that they were the perfect match for each other.

Melanie & Sam opted to see each other before their wedding ceremony, which was such a fabulous idea. We spent a few hours before the ceremony taking photographs on the gorgeous grounds of the Ulatis Gardens. I LOVE when the bride & groom see each other before their ceremony. It makes for such a stress free, relaxed photography experience all around. I highly recommend it to all my future clients!

Their ceremony was intimate, sweet & perfect. As Melanie’s mother walked her down the aisle, tears streamed down her face. Her mother was so sweet & so happy for her daughter. As Melanie & Sam held hands & exchanged rings, they exchanged a sweet, warming smile. Because they both knew, today was the beginning of their forever. And what a great thing it was!

Being the detail junkie that I am, I died over each & every detail from this wedding! I loved the use of the bright, bold flowers alongside the khaki suits that the groomsmen wore. Melanie was such a fabulously crafty bride & made everything from the adorable flowers in her hair all the way down to the centerpieces & customized Clementine oranges for each guest-she did such a fantastic job! Their reception was fabulous, fun & filled with details that I simply swooned over! The party lasted late into the night with great music & dancing.

Melanie & Sam…thank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to photograph your gorgeous wedding. It is so apparent to everyone around the two of you that you literally are a wonderful, perfect couple. I know you’ll enjoy your honeymoon in Rome, Paris & Holland (I know, aren’t you all sooooo jealous? I know I am!)..please eat some MAJOR Gelato for me while you’re in Rome! With love & gratitude, xoxo, marielle.

Rawr. Seriously. These two know how to work it…

Melanie’s sweet mother walked her down the aisle…I love the look on Melanie’s face as she sees Sam at the end of the aisle….

One of my favorites from their wedding…Melanie-you are beyond gorgeous!

Melanie was such a creative bride & made all of the decorations herself! From the seating assignments to the party favors, she put so much work into everything! On the right are the little tea bags they gave to their guests…

The reception was held at the Vacaville Opera House. It was a gorgeous venue…

Which ones are your favorites? I’d love some comments!

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Comments (8)

  1. The first Black and White is to die for! I love it and the colors she chose for the wedding. Gorgeous!

  2. This is such a beautiful wedding. I love the colors! And Marielle you did a beautiful job capturing everything!

  3. I’m drooling! You’ve GOT to submit these to Style Me Pretty! My favorite for sure (aside from the detail shots which are stunning) is the 10th one down. I love the “feel” of it!!!

  4. The colors are gorgeous. And you make Sam and Melanie look like movie stars or magazine models. I think my favs are 4 (Sam and Mel on the bench), 8, 14, 15 (with the groom and groomsmen).

  5. .Michelle Smith

    WOW..I was tearing up all over again, I felt like I was there.
    My most favorite picture would have to be all of them..LOL
    since I have to choose, the very first one, they look so relaxed
    and very sure of themselves. most favorite..you are right when
    you say Melanie is beyond Gorgeous..that one. most favorite!!!
    Mother of the Bride

  6. Like I said before they are all beautiful…and you did a spectacular job. If I had to pick one as my favorite, it would be the third one down. They look so relaxed and happy to be together in that shot on the bench!

  7. Morgan

    Her colors are wonderful. I want them for my wedding!

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