06.23.2010 Marielle

Laura & Dave. Engagements.

She first heard about him from her friends. Laura & her girlfriends were all in the car, driving on their way to pick Dave up for a camping trip with a group of friends. On the drive, her friends chatted about Dave. They talked about how fun he was, how he was such a great guy & as they talked more & more about Dave, Laura perked up. He did sound pretty fun & pretty incredible from what her friends had said. During the two week trip, Laura & Dave were able to spend time together…they spent time talking & getting to know each other better. At the end of the trip, they realized that there was something there. Laura’s girlfriends were right: there was something about Dave. When they returned back home, they went on their first official date & their relationship blossomed from there. Their relationship continued to blossom & over time they realized that they didn’t want to be with anyone else! They are getting married next month & I’m so excited to be a part of their celebration! Let me rephrase that-I am BEYOND excited to be part of their celebration!

Laura & Dave are dynamic. Adventurous. Free spirited. Easy going. And totally head-over-heels in LOVE. They love to pack up their bar-b-que, head out to the desert & watch the sunset together. They love gardening, driving their beach cruisers around & just being together. Simply put, they are the happiest when they are together, no matter what they are doing. When I met up with them for their engagement session, I asked Laura & Dave what they love about each other. Laura gave the most sincere, sweetest response ever. She said, “I never thought I would ever find anyone who was perfect. But Dave is so perfect at everything & so perfect for me.” When you talk to Laura about Dave, her eyes literally twinkle. She smiles all the way down to her toes. And when Laura talks, Dave is peaceful & happy. It’s obvious that they are two of a kind & that they are just meant to be together.

Laura & Dave-thank you so much for coming out to San Francisco for these photographs! I had so much fun getting to know you both! I can’t wait for your wedding day-if it’s anything like the two of you, I know it will be a celebration filled with fun, laughter & a lot of fabulousness….xoxo, marielle.

This photograph might be one of my favorites EVER. It makes me sooooooo happy. I love it!


These two are some of my favorites from their session. Laura, you are amazingly gorgeous!

Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

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  1. Megan Little

    i love them! so pretty!! and handsome (dave)!!
    my faves are the grass pic, the black and white duo photos,
    i love the one where you are hugging dave from behind (b&w). also the flower one is fun and artsy.
    they are ALL so good!!

  2. Taralynn Bassham

    Love them!!! The second one and the one that Laura is hugging Dave from behind are my favorites 🙂

  3. Jennifer Lemaire

    My favorite is the one where they are sitting cross-legged against the wall kissing!

  4. Amber

    Marielle! Are you sure you aren’t copying these photos from a magazine and pasting them on your website?! Sheesh girl! They are all AMAZING! I LOVE them ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

  5. alida

    fabulous photos! i have 3 faves… on the bench laura leaning on dave, laura hugging dave from behind and the golden gate bridge. amazing… cant wait to see the rest. laura you are gorgeous and dave so handsome!! xx

  6. I love the last one and the one of them kissing with the building staircase to the upper right. Great session! =)

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