06.09.2010 Marielle

Mike & Meghan. Engagements.

From the very first time that I met Mike & Meghan, it was very clear to me. I knew almost in an instant that they were a fun, energetic couple who were majorly in love. Almost 9 months later, as I sat in their living room, I looked around the room & noticed a worn rugby ball, a set of two guitar hero guitars, as well as multiple photographs of Mike & Meghan traveling all over the world. Once again, it became very clear to me. Truly this is a couple who loves to have fun together, loves joking with each other & especially loves spending time with each other. Whether they are traveling the globe together or trying a new restaurant in San Francisco, they are no doubt enjoying each other’s company & having a fabulous time together.

Mike & Meghan go waaaaaaay back to High School. They had similar friends and over the course of time, their friendship turned to love. With Meghan in college & Mike still in High School, they spent countless hours traveling back & forth, making sure they could see each other on the weekends. After awhile, they both moved to Davis & were so happy to live in the same city again! It didn’t take them long to realize that they not only wanted to spend all their time together…that they wanted to spend their lives together. Mike proposed to Meghan with a knockout ring & she said yes!

We had a blast driving through San Francisco to places that were special to Mike & Meghan. The lighting was fabulous, the locations were awesome & Mike & Meghan were so, SO much fun to work with! They are tying the knot in August at Lake Tahoe & I feel so lucky to be able to document this exciting time in their lives! They are a fun, outgoing couple who are so down to earth & I know their wedding will be just like them!

Mike & Meghan: I loooooove you guys. I can’t wait for your wedding! Thanks for being so awesome & so gosh darn easy to photograph. I literally am counting down the days until your wedding because I know it will be amazing! Thanks again for everything! You guys rock my socks! xoxo, marielle.

We headed over to Swensen’s Ice Cream for some fun photographs…

Probably my favorite from their session…

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  1. I love that one that is marked “Probably my favorite from their session…” because it is my favorite of the ones you posted.

  2. YAY! I’ve been waiting for Mike and Megan’s session! They look so incredibly happy and in love in these photos! The sunset photos in the field are gorgeous!!

  3. Love them! Oh, and can you ship that field to me please? I just want to borrow it for a little bit… 🙂
    You always find the most scrumptious lighting, by the way!!!

  4. Ok! Really! They are such an adorable couple. They look so perfect together. And I just loved all the locations you shot. Especially the meadow! BEAUTIFUL. Where was that?

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