08.16.2010 Marielle

Sasha. Senior Portraits

Sometimes I think back to my high school years and cringe. I wish I could physically go back in time, walk right up to myself & say, “Marielle-please for the love of everything holy, please don’t wear that to school. Please try a little harder to look halfway decent. Pretty please!?!?!?? (and if you went to high school with me, you totally know what I’m talking about)” If I could do high school over, I wouldn’t be afraid to let my crazy nature shine, I’d wear a lot cuter clothes & I definitely would have a cooler prom dress (note to prom-goers: velvet & chiffon isn’t EVER a good idea….) When I met Sasha for her senior portraits last week, I thought that if I had to do high school over again, I would totally want to be just like Sasha. She is fashionable, fun & totally herself. ¬†She has a wicked sense of humor & such a fun personality. She has the confidence that I think a lot of people lack during their high school years.

This shoot blew my mind. Not only is Sasha seriously skilled when it comes to putting together amazing outfits, but she is hilarious, smart & super awesome. And not to mention, a fierce model in front of the camera! I had a great time with her talking about prom, blogging & being vegan. I know she is going to have an awesome Senior year & look fabulous the entire time! Thanks again for the fun shoot, Sasha! xoxo, marielle.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I had a difficult time choosing just ONE favorite! They are all soooo good, and I feel like I know her personality through your images of her. You have captured her emotions so well. She is a very beautiful girl! Great job, Marielle!

  2. Oh to be young again. These photos are FABULOUS!!! Where oh where did you take them?

  3. Angie Marek

    I got to say, my eyes keep going back to the one third from the bottom, where she’s sitting on the stairs. The colors in that one are just so fantastic! The one 10th from the top, where she’s partially inside the trailer is pretty amazing too– so warm and sun-kissed. AWESOME job, M. And PS: I wish I were this cool in high school too!

  4. WHOA! These are sooo awesome, Marielle! The colors and rugged modern look to all of them are so perfect for what shoot this was. I wish I were 18 again and hired you to do my senior portraits!

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