08.12.2010 Marielle

Laura & Dave. Wedding.

It was a hot Nevada morning. The bees buzzed on the lavender buds, the clouds were sparse in the sky & the sun beat down on the empty chairs that were waiting for guests of Laura & Dave’s wedding to occupy them. Laura sipped on Champagne as she secured her veil & put on the final touches for her wedding day. As guests began to arrive, an exciting buzz penetrated the air. And before you knew it, Laura’s father was linking his arm with hers, escorting his little girl down the aisle. Their ceremony was thoughtful & heartfelt & both Laura & Dave were beaming throughout the whole ceremony! Although Laura & Dave were reciting their vows in front of their friends & family, they were totally & utterly lost in each other. It was a perfectly beautiful moment.

There were sooo many wonderful details at this wedding that I was just dying over. Large black, pink & white lanterns. The homemade photo booth (that Dave made!). The gorgeous pink & white flowers. Laura’s simply gorgeous dress. Their cake that I’m pretty sure was made in Heaven. Their romantic sparkler getaway. Everything was classically gorgeous & a total reflection of who Dave & Laura are. Their guests spent the evening dining on divine food, dancing to bumpin’ music & having a total blast. Thanks to Jessica, each & every one of the wedding details was fabulous! I think it goes without saying-their wedding was pure perfection & I enjoyed every minute of it!

Laura & Dave-I was so anxious & excited to shoot your wedding because to put it simply: you are genuinely awesome people. Who just so happen to be ridiculously photogenic. And ridiculously wonderful people, too! 🙂 Your love touches all who you come in contact with & I know you are going to have an amazing, fun life together. Thank for for choosing me as your photographer & becoming my friends in the process. I adore you both & wish you the best that life has to offer! Congratulations!!! xoxo, marielle.

Like all the cool couples do, Laura & Dave opted to see each other before their ceremony. I am so happy they did because of this photograph…

I love this photograph of Laura…

Probably my favorite photograph from their wedding…

I usually don’t post family photographs on my blog but I couldn’t resist posting this one…

The handsome groom…

And his amazingly gorgeous bride…

A fun photograph from the photo booth…

And their grand exit!

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  1. Emilee

    These photographs are works of art, I love your work Marielle! -emilee

  2. Meagan Johnson

    I love the last picture! So fun! And may I add that I think her black belt is AMAZING! Great job, Marielle!

  3. I adore your black & whites! SO dreamy!!!! I love these. They are an adorable couple, I must say!

  4. Rock on, ROCK STAR. I’m partial to the photograph of the two of them walking back down the aisle after getting married. The sun flare is wowza. I also didn’t know you did a photo booth, how professional, and trendy (in the best way). Another one nailed, right. on. the. head.

  5. The first photo and the one of Laura laughing are seriously some of the top favorite photographs you’ve taken. They’re so documentary – I love the emotions that pop out from just looking at them.

  6. Megan

    I love Laura and Dave!!! These amazing photos captured what an special night and couple they are. Stunning.

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