09.02.2010 Marielle

It’s here!

I‘m sooooooooo excited! Like really, really, excited. Jumping up & down excited. Like, hold on-let’s bump the Lady Gaga music & sing at the top of my lungs excited. Why, you ask?

Wendy Paul’s lovely cookbook, 101 Gourmet Cookie for Everyone has arrived! I was fortunate enough to do the photography for this book (and was able to eat cookies to my heart’s content…yuuuuuummmmmm). The cookies are seriously to.die.for! There are a bunch of easy recipes for delicious cookies, bars & more. She’s also included vegan recipes & gluten free recipes & they are all incredible. I think that one of my favorite ones I tried was a gluten free recipe. In fact, I took a whole bag of the gluten free cookies home!

Wendy is a lovely, wonderful person & I’m grateful for her baking talents! She is also the author of 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes, which I was lucky enough to photograph, as well! Just flipping through these cookbooks makes me want to skip lunch & head straight for dessert!

You can order the book HERE!

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  1. Sooooo when is the baking/eating cookie party, eh? Congrats to Wendy on another cookbook out and congrats to you that your fab photos are in it!

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