09.29.2010 Marielle

Baby Charlotte.

Perfect, golden light…darling baby wearing pearls…sounds like a fun photo shoot to me! I had a fun time photographing Charlotte-she is such a sweet, adorable baby with a very fashionable mama who knows how to dress her to the nine’s!

This summer has been such a whirlwind & I can’t believe it’s already fall! I have lots, lots, LOTS more photo shoots coming your way soon! For now, here’s darling Charlotte!!

Faux fur & pearls on a baby? Um….yes please.

Babies are always happiest when they are in their mama’s arms. I love this one. LOVE.

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Marielle Hi! My name is Marielle Hayes and I am a photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to travel, bargain hunt and spend time with my husband, our daughter and our Boston Terrier. Enjoy my blog and leave me some comments to let me know what you think!

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  1. Love Love Love her eyes, they are amazing!!! Fabulous job once again.

  2. Mandy

    Gasp! Those are the most beautiful baby pictures I’ve ever seen. good work.

  3. Morgan

    This baby has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. I’m jealous! Well done, Marielle! 🙂

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