11.17.2010 Marielle

Matt & Leanne. Wedding

The clouds rolled in right above the Berkeley Faculty Club as Leanne was calmly getting ready for her wedding day. Tiny drops of rain fell from the sky. The leaves outside her window had changed colors-painting the trees in heavenly oranges, yellows & deep reds. Her friends laughed & danced while helping Leanne get ready. The fog began to settle in the Berkeley Hills. You could say it was the perfect Autumn day to get married. Their ceremony & reception were held inside as the rain tapped on the windows. Their vows were sweet…kind…thoughtful-a true reflection of they type of people Matt & Leanne are. If you know them, you know how sweet they are with each other, how kind they are to all those around them & how thoughtful they are in everything they do. It was a simply perfect wedding. The evening was spent dining on fabulous food, hearing hilarious toasts & dancing that lasted through the night! It was the best party because it celebrated the best thing ever-Leanne & Matt’s fantastic love for each other.

I know I say this all.the.time, but I love the couples I work with. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, fabulous clients! Matt & Leanne are no different! They are amazing, fun & fabulous people & I love them both! Matt & Leanne opted to do a First Look, which I always love because it gives me as the photographer more time with the bride & groom. I love capturing that special, intimate moment where the bride & groom are all alone. I loved so many things about this wedding-I loved that Leanne’s mother made her dress…I loved the deep, rich tones of the flowers. I loved-LOVED the cupcakes that they served instead of a cake! My favorite part of their details were their centerpieces. Both Matt & Leanne have backgrounds in Science, so they scoured through the Bay Area to find vintage test tubes & beakers for their centerpiece vases. They turned out beautifully! I love when couples are able to think outside of the box-it was such a fun & fabulous way to bring personality to their decor!

Matt & Leanne-I am so grateful to have had the chance to photograph your stunning wedding. You are both so easy going, so fun & such a good match for each other. Your are both beautiful inside & out-I am grateful to have you as my new friends & I can’t wait for all the adventures life has in store for you! With love & deep appreciation! xoxo, marielle.

The Cal Berkeley Campus is stunning all year round-especially in the Fall…

Do I even need to say how amazing Leanne’s shoes are? I was dying over how fabulous they were! I’m a girl who loves to photograph fun shoes!

Leanne’s sweet mother made her dress-it was gorgeous & so fitting for Leanne…

I was so happy they decided to do a First Look…it rained in the afternoon but we were able to do a ton of photographs outside before the rain came!


What can I say? If you wear fun socks to your wedding, I’ll love ya forever.

Their amazing centerpieces…

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  1. Leanne

    Marielle, they are all so beautiful, you did a wonderful job capturing every moment. I think the last photo is my favorite 🙂

  2. Rachel Hamrick

    Excellent job Marrielle… very beautiful as usual! I think my favorite is second to last.

  3. Jen Field

    I LOVE that last picture and feel so blessed to have been there to share in their love. Congrats guys and way to go Marielle! Beautiful photos.

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