01.01.2011 Marielle

Heather & Jordan. Engagements.

It’s a simple story, really. Heather was literally the girl next door. And because they were neighbors, Heather & Jordan would frequently see each other & spend time together. But their love story truly developed with the help of planes, trains & automobiles. You see, Heather & Jordan aren’t the types of people who sit & wait for life to happen. They are the types of people who make life happen-and have a fabulous time doing so. During the course of their relationship, they’ve taken spontaneous trips to Denver to watch baseball games (and then rode the train home just so they could say they’ve been on a train ride!), skydiving to celebrate Heather’s birthday, picnics in Moab while the sun rose, weekends in Las Vegas, Albequerque to visit the Hot Air Balloon Festival, Disneyland…you name it, they’ve been up for the adventure. Heather fell in love with his patient, understanding attitude & Jordan was smitten Heather’s beautiful confidence. Both Heather & Jordan live life to it’s fullest & don’t waste a minute being bored. When they aren’t traveling, they watch the Food Network, find new restaurants & just have fun together. During the course of dating, they realized that being together was a fun & fantastic adventure that they didn’t want to end. They are tying the knot in Hawaii in 2011 & I’m excited to be a part of their big day!

Heather has been one of my BFF’s for the past few years-she used to cut my hair & now she owns her own salon in Utah! She is talented, fun & fabulous to boot. It’s fun for me to see how happy Jordan makes her…I always think that my friends deserve to be sooooooo happy & there is no doubt in my mind that Jordan makes Heather beyond happy. I am so excited for them-2011 will be a fabulous year to remember for them & I can’t wait for all the incredible adventures they have yet to share together! They both live in Utah but flew out to the Bay Area to visit & to have their photos taken! We had a great time together in a few of my favorite places-Jingletown in Oakland & the Persidio in San Francisco. I loved their outfits, their energy & I loved how much fun we had doing these photos! Heather & Jordan-I love you both & can’t wait for your forever to begin! xoxo, marielle.


Don’t hate on Heather for her fabulous Christian Louboutin shoes. And don’t hate on Jordan for his rad socks!

These two are my favorites. Love, love, LOVE these…

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  1. Jamie stole my words! But I’ll say it again….FABULOUS! And it’s nice to see Heather so happy and in love. They look great together. Can’t wait for their wedding!

  2. What a cute couple! I can’t wait to see their wedding photos–Hawaii! Eeek! You’re one lucky photographer!

  3. Terrific engagement shoot Marielle! Love the silhouette with the Golden Gate in the horizon. Also love the shoe shot, Louboutins nice! Keep it coming 🙂

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