01.25.2011 Marielle

Sophie & Zack. Engagements.

Their life is one mega adventure. Whether they are skiing, biking, running or just ordering takeout on the weekend, they are definitely, definitely having a blast. Sophie & Zack are the kind of people who love life-who love adventure & who love each other. And it just so happens that they are the best of friends. After being friends for three years, they began formally dating & have been inseparable ever since. Their relationship has been solid through everything- Culinary Art School, living in the Midwest, Law School in San Francisco & moving to Nevada. As time went on they knew that they didn’t ever want their adventures to end. So, one weekend in Lake Tahoe, Zack woke Sophie up early to go on a trail run. On the drive there, Zack pulled off to the side of the road, dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring & asked Sophie to become his wife. Through her tears of joy, she said yes…and they’ve never been happier!

Sophie & Zack are planning their wedding for this summer & I am so excited to be  a part of it! If their engagement shoot is any indication of what their wedding will be like, I know that their wedding will be filled with lots of laughter & fun. We had a great time meandering through the alleyways in downtown Reno & we found some awesome places to shoot! Annnnnnnd they brought their darling dog, Roo with them-she was so much fun to photograph! I won’t lie-I love, love LOVE how these turned out! I had a blast & literally feel so lucky to be able to document Sophie & Zack’s new adventure together!

Now, onto the fabulousness….

I love these two photographs because it shows their fun & happy personalities…

Sophie has some killer boots. I won’t lie-I’m waaaayyyyy jealous.

Favorite. Seriously-how cute are they?

I’m obsessed with this one…

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