01.12.2011 Marielle

Gabrielle & Jordan. Reno Temple Wedding.

“My Forever Friend” are the words inscribed on the inside of Jordan’s wedding band. And for Gabrielle & Jordan, those words are so, so true. They have been best friends for the longest time…they met while attending school in Idaho & quickly became the best of friends. They found that they had so much in common & loved spending time together-whether it was on a hike, biking or simply just being together. Theirs is a true, deep love which holds its roots in friendship. Being married to your best friend gives life a beautiful silver lining-just knowing that your best friend is by your side through thick & think makes life better. Easier. And so much more beautiful. And that’s so true for Gabrielle & Jordan. They were married last Saturday in the Reno LDS Temple & their mile-wide grins made it obvious that they were thrilled to be marrying their forever best friend.

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for awhile-Gabrielle attended my photography workshop back in October & we chatted about her wedding details. I was so excited when she booked me as her photographer because I knew their day would be just like Gabrielle-classic, gorgeous & totally fabulous. I loved, loved, LOVED Gabrielle’s custom made dress, her chunky jewelry & Jordan’s grey suit. Sooooooo classy-they both looked incredible! Their beautiful reception was held at the California Building-it’s such a great place for wedding receptions…it’s definitely my favorite venue in Reno for wedding receptions. I loved all the fun details from their reception-the beautiful Christmas trees lining the building, the pinecone & crystal accents, the Hot Chocolate station, the miniature Bundt cakes & the candy station. Every detail was perfect for the Winter season & I was happy to see that they embraced the season & showed how gorgeous a Winter wedding can be!

Gabrielle & Jordan-I loved working with you. Let me rephrase that: I loooooooooooooved working with you. You are a darling couple & I loved to see that you truly are each other’s best friends. I wish you all the love, adventure & friendship in the world-I know without a doubt that your lives together will be just as fabulous as the both of you are. With much love…xoxo, marielle.

The Reno Temple was cold…but so gorgeous…

Love, love, LOVE this one…

Gabrielle-you are stunning.


I was lucky enough to have my friend KayLynne assist me. Her photograph is on the left.

Their wedding cake was from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Their cakes are divine…and sooooo adorable!

I love, love, LOVE when couples have a candy bar at their reception. I have the biggest sweet tooth on planet earth so it makes me extra happy when I see these!

Which one is your favorite?

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Comments (10)

  1. Meagan Johnson

    The picture of the bride is STUNNING!!!! Fabulous!

  2. KayLynne Kroshus

    BEAUTIFUL photos Marielle!!!! They turned out absolutely AMAZING! I loved being able to assist you on this wedding. You are such a fun person to be around and an incredible photographer! I learned so much and was excited to be a part of it! I totally LOVE the shot of the rings in the candy jar! So cute!!!

  3. Emily Mathews

    I love them! You have done the most amazing job with capturing their day. These pictures will be treasures to our family forever! I love every one of them.
    Love ya!

  4. Jaime Eidson

    You take such gorgeous pictures, and I agree her dress and accessories are awesome.

  5. D'On

    I love the one next to the barren tree and sunflares. Beautiful! Great job as always.

  6. Marielle
    We love your pictures and message. It was a perfect day.
    Gabby & Jordankillpack
    We love you both. From your gtamdparents.

  7. HOLY COW, this wedding is fabulous! I love the 4th and 6th picture so much! So candid and beautiful. Once again, beautiful work Marielle!

  8. Morgan McCombs

    I LOVE her necklace! These are so cute! Great job, Marielle!

  9. Gabrielle

    Marielle! You were such a pleasure to work with, thank you for all your help and making us feel comfortable all day long. We are no models by any means but it was a wonderful day and I am pleased that it all came together so well! You are an amazing artist and we were so lucky to get you! Thank you for everything!

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