02.25.2011 Marielle

Katrina & Adrian. Engagements.

It’s been said that romance can blossom anywhere. And with Katrina & Adrian, that’s exactly what happened! Amidst the hustle & bustle of the busy restaurant Applebees, the 2 for $20 deals & their delicious french fries-this was where their story began. Katrina was waitressing there when she first met Adrian. He had come to visit his brother (who worked at Applebees, as well), saw Katrina & waved at her. Although she didn’t know who he was, she waved back (Katrina said-he was too good looking to NOT wave back!) And that’s how it all began. Since that day in Applebees, Katrina & Adrian have been together ever since, becoming each other’s best friend & falling crazy in love. A few months ago as they danced under a star filled sky, Adrian go on one knee & asked Katrina to be his for forever. Being around them gives people a glimpse of their sweet love for each other-they are considerate towards each other, they have a fantastic time together & without a doubt are going to share a life of happiness together!!

They are getting married in May & I’m honored to be their photographer! Knowing them, I know that their wedding will be stylish, fun & super fabulous. We attend church together & it’s been so much fun to get to know them over the past few months. Katrina & Adrian are the types of people who make everyone around them happy. We had to re-schedule their engagement session two times because of the hard rain we were having-we finally picked a gorgeous day with no rain & gorgeous blue skies! We had a great time together-I’m so, SO excited for their wedding in May!!! Now, onto the fabulousness…

Favorite. Favorite. FAVORITE.

Katrina’s ring is gorgeous! Way to go, Adrian!

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  1. I ESP LOVE that first one!! Very jealous of your blossoms. Her ring shot is to die for-as is that ring! Oh and I REALLY loved the shot by the water. I am a true sucker for water shots!

  2. Absolutely love these shots Marielle 🙂 Great ring shot. I’m highly jealous of the blossoms, everything here in Utah is still dead and yucky 🙁 That’s it, I’m moving to Cali 🙂 haha.

  3. This session is beautiful! I love the spring feeling and the vibrant colors! My favorites has to be the ones with the blossoms.

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