02.16.2011 Marielle

Shana & Eugene. San Francisco Engagements.

For them, falling in love meant no turning back. It meant that after years of friendship that they were ready to be together forever. It meant that they were ready to handle life together-no matter what came their way. Meet Shana & Eugene-two charismatic, fabulous & hilarious people who are over the moon in love. They’ve known each other for 12 years, traveled the world together & had fun the.entire.time. They truly are each other’s best friend. And while on a trip to Las Vegas, Eugene popped the question after the Belaggio water show with a stunning ring. Shana was completely stunned & answered an enthusiastic, “Heck yeah!!!” That makes me laugh-Shana & Eugene are so fabulous & so perfect for each other. And knowing that I’m lucky enough to photograph their wedding next month makes me want to say, “Heck yeah!!”

Since they are both huge Giant’s fans, they wanted some of their photographs taken at AT&T Park. It was such a neat experience-we were able to go anywhere & everywhere at the park! It was such a fun location to shoot & we had a great time together. I am literally beyond excited for Shana & Eugene’s wedding! If their wedding is anything like they are, I know that their wedding is going to be fun, fabulous & perfectly perfect. I can’t wait to be part of their day!!! Now, onto my favorites…

Eugene was sooooooo excited to be sitting here!

My favorite…

Which one is your favorite??

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Marielle Hi! My name is Marielle Hayes and I am a photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to travel, bargain hunt and spend time with my husband, our daughter and our Boston Terrier. Enjoy my blog and leave me some comments to let me know what you think!

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  1. KayLynne Kroshus

    I absolutely LOVE these pictures Marielle!!! What a fun place to do an engagement shoot! My favorites are the silhouette shot through the tunnel, the rings next to the tickets and the last picture! You are amazing! 🙂

  2. Shana

    We love love love all of them.. U did such a beautiful job and had an awesome time shooting with you Marielle!! Thanks u!!!

  3. Eugene

    Pictures look so great! we had such a fun time taking the photos with you. We can’t wait for the wedding. Thank you so much for the amazing photos and capturing our memorable moments.

  4. megan

    wow the ones in the stands are super awesome!!!

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