02.08.2011 Marielle

Melanie & Bryan. Reno Temple Wedding.

There are so many ways that you can tell that their love is real. And it’s in the small things-the way that Bryan’s eyes fix on Melanie’s smile. The way that Melanie quietly intertwines her fingers with Bryan’s. It’s in the way they talk with each other…in the way they laugh together. It’s in the way they dance together. Their love is truly beautiful & completely real. And as Melanie & Bryan emerged from the Reno Temple on their sunny wedding day, everyone in attendance could feel their love. Their happiness was not only obvious-it was totally palpable. It was a perfectly beautiful day for two perfectly beautiful people.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding was that Melanie & Bryan gave me so much time for photographs. After the formal family photographs at the temple, I had a few hours with them simply for bride & groom photographs, which is pretty rare. I love being able to have lots of time with my couples for their bride & groom photographs-it’s honestly one of my favorite things! We were able to go to a second location after the temple for more photographs-I was honestly in heaven. Some of my favorite details from their wedding were: their Shabby Apple bridesmaids dresses (so cute!), their stunning cake, Bryan’s tie & cufflinks from England & Melanie’s glamorous white flower in her hair. Now I’ve been to some fun wedding receptions but I think that this one definitely takes the cake-their reception was a blast! Everyone danced like crazy & Melanie even did the worm in her wedding dress! Their family & friends danced the night away while celebrating Melanie & Bryan’s new life together.

Melanie & Bryan-you guys are awesome. It’s a wonderful thing to meet two people who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I am so grateful to know you both & it has been so much fun to get to know you both over the past few months. I adore you both-your happiness & joy is so infectious. I wish you all the happiness, joy & dance-offs that the world has to offer! With much love, marielle.


My favorite…

We moved to a second location & Melanie changed from her veil to a fabulous flower in her hair…thanks to Meagan for the photograph on the right…

Melanie-you are beyond fabulous…

I’m obsessed with this shot of their rings…

Thanks to KayLynne for this fun photograph of the rings…

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  1. The pictures are fabulous! My favorite is the one of the bride peeking over the sholder of her groom. It is sweet and playful. The picture of the rings you captures is amazing. Wow!

  2. Holy cowamoly Marielle, you knocked this wedding out of the park, great details, gorgeous processing, amazing couple 🙂 I love the falling hearts shot, very creative and well executed. Keep up the awesome work 🙂


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