05.03.2011 Marielle

Alex & Brianna. Oakland LDS Temple Wedding.

Alex had told his friends that when he found the right girl that everything would just feel right. And it wasn’t until he met Brianna at church that suddenly things just felt right. As they talked that first time, Alex noticed her beautiful smile…her understanding eyes & the fact that she was a Stanford Alumni. Brianna loved the way that Alex listened to her…the playful banter between the two of them…and instantly felt a connection (even though he was a Cal Alumni!!). They had so much in common that they found it easy to communicate with each other. And pretty soon, they found themselves falling in love. Their gorgeous wedding was in the beautiful Oakland Temple & I was so excited to be able to document the excitement of the day!

I loved Alex & Brianna’s wedding because it is so easy to see how happy they are with each other. I loved Brianna’s ivory dress (made by her sweet & talented mother), their sweet & simple ring ceremony on a rooftop in Berkeley and the darling paper bird decorations at the reception. During their ring ceremony, Alex & Brianna expressed their love to each other in front of their friends & families. They both choked up as they expressed the reasons why they love each other…why they admire each other & they expressed their devotion to each other. It was a perfect, perfect day.

Alex & Brianna-I know right now that you are relaxing & having a wonderful time in the Dominican Republic on your honeymoon (lucky, right?!?!) but I want to thank you both for giving me the change to photograph your wedding. It makes my job so easy when two people love each other so beautifully & so sweetly. Wishing you all the happiness that this great big world has to offer-xoxo, marielle.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m in looooooove with the poppies…

Words can’t express how obsessed I am with this photograph…

Brianna-you were a stunning bride!!!

I always love photos of the bride & her “gal-pals…”

You should know by now how I feel about fabulous bridal shoes…but incase you don’t-Brianna’s shoes make me a happy photographer…

Their wedding day ended up being on the same day as a large young adult conference so the temple grounds were packed! It was fun to walk through the crowds as the conference attendees applauded the newlyweds…

The party moved on to Berkeley where they held a ring ceremony on the rooftop…

They had paper cutouts of birds hanging throughout the reception-I loved the way this looked!


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  1. Marielle! You’ve really outdone yourself here! These photographs are stunning. If I had to choose a fav, it might be the one of them dancing on the rooftop, where she is holding the back of her dress, and there is a FABULOUS sun flare. And I HAVE to comment on your posing… I love how feminine the bride looks in each of her poses. She is gorgeous.. and lucky to have you.

  2. OMG! Could these two be any happier?? Or smile any bigger? This is my fave wedding yet. The colors in your photos are stunning and just the over all love in this shots just gives me goose bumps. Great work.

  3. Crissy B.

    I was at that YSA Conference standing outside the temple watching the brides- thinking how bad I felt for them, how would they have any good pictures with all these people around? I’m so glad you proved me wrong – these are beyond amazing!

  4. Ginger L

    I know and love the bride and am THRILLED that they had such a stellar photographer do their wedding day. Beautifully captured.

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