05.24.2011 Marielle

Katrina & Adrian. San Lorenzo Wedding.

The day before their wedding, Adrian called Katrina his Princess. And if you’ve seen Katrina & Adrian together, you know that it’s true-Katrina really is Adrian’s lovely princess. You can tell by the way he talks to her, the way he treats her, the way he looks at her. When you see them together, you just know that they literally are a perfect match. The way they treat each other & talk about each other is so sweet-they truly treat each other like royalty! And as they were married in front of their families & friends on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, you could see it written all over their faces: they were beyond excited to begin their fairy tale life together! It was a beautiful day that celebrated the love of two beautiful people.

Their wedding was the perfect reflection of Katrina & Adrian-it was so fun & soooooooooooooooo fabulous. I loved all the classic, chic details that were so perfect. As always, I loved their paper lanterns (seriously I die a little bit inside every time someone decorates with them!), I loved the red Vans that the groomsmen wore, the black bridesmaids dresses with the classy red bows, their beautiful white cake & I especially loved the fact that they played Justin Bieber at the reception (incase you didn’t know-I looooooove JB-even though I’m almost 30 years old…haha!) Their wedding was a true celebration of the love that Katrina & Adrian have for each other & I felt honored to be a part of it.

Katrina & Adrian-I love you guys soooooooooooooooo much & feel lucky to call you my friends! I am very grateful that I’ve been able to document your amazing, beautiful wedding. You hold a special place in my heart & I feel blessed to know you both. I can’t wait to see all the exciting things that the Lord has in store for you. Wishing you all the happiness & joy in the world! xoxo, marielle.

It goes without saying but Katrina was a beautiful, beautiful bride!!!

Katrina & Adrian’s friend let us borrow her adorable red Mini Cooper for some photos! I love how it looked…

Favorite. Favorite. Favorite.

I loved how all the groomsmen wore red Vans…

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  1. I loved their engagement shots. probably one of my favorite shoots at of your 2011 shoots. From their wedding, I love the one where it looks like they are dancing … The smile on Katrina’s face is stunning and the love in Adrian’s eyes makes me do that girly ‘awwwwww’ sound. Love the black and red in this wedding! Great Job.

  2. brittany porter

    marielle! you are seriously amazing! and this might be an understatement ;]
    katrina and adrian’s day was a fairytale and you captured the magic in every shot!
    you inspire me, thought you ought to know. also, i’m so glad you don’t mind that i stalk your work haha.
    all the weddings you did in july, ahhhh they’re breathtaking! truly!
    love, brittany

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