05.31.2011 Marielle

Shane & Tammy. San Francisco City Hall Wedding.

He was her childhood crush. Together they would run around, looking for lizards in the sun. Their friendship was put on hold when Tammy’s family moved away, but Shane was always in the back of her mind. Years passed and she still wondered where he was-was he married? Was he happy? Even after all those years, Tammy still was interested in her childhood crush from so long ago. She decided that she would write him a letter-to see how he was doing, to tell him that she loved the time they had spent together as children. The letter was sent to Shane’s sister & after almost a year, the letter found it’s way to Shane. They got back in touch only to find that they were both living in California. They reunited & over the course of time they realized something that they knew when they were just kids-that life was just better, more fun & more amazing when they were together.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning at the San Francisco City Hall when they became husband & wife. The rain fell in small drops from the sky as Shane & Tammy walked into City Hall but their smiles were a mile wide. Theirs was a very small wedding & we ended up at the San Francisco Japanese Tea Gardens for photographs afterwards. It was a lovely day & I was lucky to spend it with such lovely people. I can’t say enough good things about Shane & Tammy. They are sweet, genuine & they love each other like there is no tomorrow. I feel so lucky to have met them & to have documented their intimate wedding.

Shane & Tammy-thank you soooooo much for giving me the chance to get to know you both! Your love story is touching & beautiful and I feel lucky to have been a small part of it. I know that you will find happiness, joy & many more years of love together! xoxo, marielle.

Love this shot of them headed inside for their wedding…

San Francisco City Hall is gorgeous…

I LOVED Tammy’s dress & her lovely bouquet…

There was a protest outside City Hall so instead of avoiding it altogether, we decided to join them. This is one of my favorites from their day!

The rain let up & we headed to one of my favorite locations, the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park…


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  1. Marvin Smith

    Wonderful pictures. I knew Tammy in Junior High and High School here in Vernal. She was and still is a great friend. They look so very happy. 😉 Congrats to them, and thank you for sharing your photos!!!

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