Jen & Alan. Tilden Park Engagements.

She knew it wouldn’t work out. Even though she & Alan had the best conversations on the phone & sooooo much in common, she just knew that their geographical differences would make it impossible to have a relationship. Of course, she didn’t tell this to Alan who had plans to meet her for the first time in person over the 4th of July weekend. But the minute that she & Alan met face to face, she knew that it would work out. That they (as my friend Tim Gunn on Project Runway says) would make it work. That despite the fact that she lived in California & he lived in Oregon, they could definitely be a couple. After Alan left after his short weekend trip, they had already planned the next trip when they’d see each other again. And again. And again. And thus began their long-distance relationship-every two weeks they flew to see each other, learning more about each other & having a blast together. Despite those pesky geographical differences that Jen had worried about in the beginning, they feel deeply in love. Needless to say, love will find a way to make things work when it’s meant to be.

On a trip to visit Jen, Alan proposed to Jen at Hakone Gardens-the place where they will be getting married next month! Finally they will be able to live in the same state together-starting a new chapter in their lives without having to take flights to see each other! Jen & Alan are a darling, sweet couple who both have the kindest spirits & the biggest hearts. I am always so lucky when I have clients who I feel are my friends-and I definitely feel this way about them!

We had planned on taking their photographs in San Francisco but the location was closed for construction throughout the month. So we ended up in Tilden Park & I’m so glad we did because I think it suited them perfectly…

DYING over this one..

In love with this one…


Most of the posts on here are from my recent photo shoots (obviously…it IS a photography blog) that I sometimes forget to take time for personal posts. Like the getting to know you posts. Like the posts that you read if you are really, reallllllllly bored. So here’s a list of 10 random things about me. Incase you are bored out of your mind, read on…

1. I am afraid of butterflies. No joke. Something about their crazy antennas just

2. I’m pretty much obsessed with Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast (sold exclusively at Taco Bell-yes!!!!). Try it. And thank me.

3. My favorite Halloween costume to date was Medusa. Or a thug Girl Scout. Having a hard time making my mind up on that one.

4. I.HATE.MATH. Math seems to be the least strongest gene in my family because my sisters and I all had to beg & plead for our teachers to let us pass. True story. And guess what? I always knew I’d end up in a job where I don’t use fractions on a daily basis-I told you so, Mrs. Baker.

5. Every night at 10:00 I have a bowl of cereal. And even though my sisters & I live far apart from each other, I know that they do the same thing every single night, too.

6. A job that I secretly think would be fun is to be the person who names the streets in a city. Not sure why I think that would be fun, but I do!! (nerd alert.)

7. I’m not Catholic but I try to give up candy every year for Lent. The longest I’ve lasted was ALMOST two weeks. If you know me, you know that this was the hardest thing I’ve EVER done.

8. My voice is loud. So loud, in fact that I used to get in trouble in class even when I WASN’T talking. If we haven’t met in person, be warned. I’m a loud talker.

9. I was named after my grandmother, Mary Ellen. She is to date the most awesome human who has ever walked the planet. I miss her, her bright red lipstick, her polyester bell bottoms & her red hair every single day.

10. My favorite nail polish at this moment is pure glittery gold goodness. I can’t help it-there is a definite weak spot in my heart for all things glittery, gold and gorgeous.

And because no post is good without a photo, here’s one I took at the MOMA a few months back. See? I knew you’d have a weak spot for all things glittery & gold, as well.

Kitchen Family.

It’s not too often that I photograph families, but I loved photographing the cute, CUTE Kitchen family on the Cal Berkeley Campus a few weeks ago! Dad had just finished his PHD & they wanted some photos to celebrate. Here are my favorites….

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