07.05.2011 Marielle

Brian & Anjali. Palmdale Estates Wedding.

Anjali quietly walked across the perfectly manicured lawn at the Palmdale Estates to meet her soon-to-be husband, Brian. As she tapped his shoulder, Brian took a look at his stunning bride for the first time & he smiled all the way down to his toes. Their first embrace was only the first of many, many more to come throughout the day. They literally spent the day in each others arms…laughing & smiling like they always do. You see, Brian & Anjali are the best of friends. They allow each other to be themselves, they enjoy being adventurous together…but more than anything, they love to just be together. As they were married under a grove of palm trees, their family & friends looked on with joy. It was a lovely day spent celebrating the love of two wonderful people.

Their wedding was especially beautiful because of all the color & personal touches that Brian & Anjali included in their wedding reception. Each guest was given a darling painted flower pot with different cooking herbs inside. I loved Anjali’s dress (it had pockets….POCKETS!), their colorful flowers, their simply beautiful cake & their darling getaway car! But my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE thing about their wedding was when they had a Bollywood dance instructional at the reception. Holy moly it was so much fun! Guests were given the choice of a traditional American meal or an Indian meal for dinner, signature drinks were served, heartfelt speeches were given & the newlyweds spent the evening in the golden light surrounded by their family & friends

Brian & Anjali, I feel so blessed to have been able to get to know the both of you through this process. Photographing your love has been a joy for me. I know that with your adventurous spirits that you will experience wonderful things in your life together & that you will have fun because you are together. Wishing you happiness & fun on this new adventure together! XOXO, marielle.

Yes, I DIED when I saw Anjali’s shoes…

Brian & Anjali decided to do a First Look-I love when couples do this-all their nerves go away & the bride can finally show the groom her stunning dress!

Love this one…

Anjali’s bridesmaids were all so sweet!

Quite the place for a wedding, if you ask me!

Each guest took home a potted herbs as a thank you…

Anjali’s father gave a sweet speech & I love this photo!

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  1. Anjali

    Yay! Thank you so much Marrielle, the photos are gorgeous! I was so grateful to have you there at the wedding, and you captured all the details that just blurred by on the day!

  2. melinda burt

    I am sooooooooooooooooo in love with these photos! I love all of the color. I love the details of this wedding. The couple looked amazing. You captured some beautiful and tender moments.

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