08.17.2011 Marielle

Morgan & Dallon. Oakland Temple Wedding.

We grew up in a house of girls. Every Christmas morning, we would get up early, trying to peek over the banister to see our Christmas gifts. When our eyelids got too heavy to keep open, all four of us would huddle into one of our beds until the sun rose in the sky. As we would sit together, we would excitedly chat about what kinds of gifts we thought Santa had brought for us. Hours would pass & as we would sit together in our flannel pajamas, I would always think the same thing, ” I am grateful that my sisters are my best friends.” I am so lucky to have three amazing women who I have as my best friends…and every time one of my sisters gets married, I am overwhelmed with the feelings of love I have for them. Needless to say, when my sweet little sister Morgan got engaged to wonderful Dallon, I was over the moon with joy for her!

If you know Morgan & Dallon, you know that happiness is part of who they are. With everything they do, there is kindness shown. With every word spoken to each other, there is love. With every day that Morgan & Dallon have been together, there has been total & complete joy in their lives..as well as the lives of those around them. There are times in my life when I can remember feeling perfect joy. August 4th of this year was definitely one of those days. To watch my sweet little sister marry her prince charming in the beautiful Oakland LDS Temple is a memory that I will cherish forever. Morgan & Dallon radiate happiness, joy and love every day of their lives, but on their wedding day as they were pronounced husband & wife, their happiness was even more palpable as their smiles shined brighter than the sun.

Their wedding reception was amazingly gorgeous. I don’t even know if I can explain how incredible it was. Our mother is an incredible wedding coordinator who literally made their beautiful ideas come to life for their wedding. My favorite part about their wedding was the super saturated colors that decorated every place setting, tree, table & flower. Morgan’s bouquet & Dallon’s boutonniere were made from vintage brooches, dozens of brightly colored lanterns hanged above the reception, their cake was decorated with rainbow colored butterflies. A turquoise vintage hutch was used as a candy bar & stocked with cotton candy, cake bites & rock candy (it probably goes without saying that I stayed by the candy bar for most of the day…). Croquet, vintage wagons, colorful linens, my dad’s vintage corvette & watering cans filled with flowers all made the decor look incredible. Their reception was the first to be held at the Rancharrah Estate in Reno & it was an incredible venue for an incredible event. I could go on & on with how amazing their day was, but I will let the photos  speak for themselves!

Morgan & Dallon-I love you both with all my heart. Dallon, thank you for loving Morgan & making her the happiest she’s ever been. It is a joy to witness your love for each other & I know that so many amazing things are in store for the two of you. I know you are still soaking up the sun on your Hawaiian Honeymoon (lucky!!!) but I couldn’t wait to show everyone how beautiful you are together. I wish you all the love, happiness & beauty that the Lord has to offer. You both are so deserving of all of it. With all my love, XOXO, marielle.

They’re married!!!

Right after I took this photo, I totally started crying. CRYING! I literally had to stop, put my camera down & compose myself. I am just soooooo happy for Morgan that I couldn’t contain myself!

The one on the right is one of my favorite photographs ever…

Love this one!

Their wedding reception was perfect. Perfect. PERFECT!!!

Not to toot my own horn here, but I tied every bow around those chairs…and in the process I discovered my bow tying talents are pretty awesome.

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  1. marielle! i can’t believe all of you guys are married now. i remember envying all of your matching dresses and bows at church on sundays : )

    that reception looks perfect, and i love morgan’s dress. congrats!

    hey, if you are ever in st. george or vegas, could you let me know if you’d have time to take our family pictures? i love your work!

  2. Nicole Gularte

    Oh my gosh. I feel like I’ve died and gone to wedding heaven. Ummmm RAINBOW CAKE?! I am so in love with everything about this wedding! It needs to be in a magazine. Best photographer, best planner, best family, all around best everything! Way to go Marielle! Congrats Morgan & Dallon!

  3. Leslie

    I love it!! Beautiful pictures Marielle and you guys look like twins!!! LOVE the colors and the rainbow cake…AMAZING!!!!!!

  4. Flora Edwards

    This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! Marielle, the pictures are incredible and I love every single detail (especially the bouquet and cake) in this wedding. Morgan and Dallon look so beautiful and happy! Congratulations!

  5. Wow! There wedding looks so beautiful and colorful! Plus they make a cute couple! 🙂

    ~Hannah Rebekah

  6. Erin Singh

    Oh. My. Goodness. These are incredible! I love the pictures, and her dress, and the decor and.. well, everything! So amazing!

  7. This is your best wedding ever. I am so in love with the emotion, her bouquet, the colors, the decor, everything! It is fantastic. Has your family considered wedding planning!?

  8. WOW!!!! Seriously amazing to say the least! Talk about attention to detail! After looking at all the pictures I almost feel like I was at the reception! Morgan is absolutely gorgeous and radiant in every picture! And Dallon is so handsome in his gray suit and I can see that he is just crazy about Morgan! Great job Marielle….I must say I think this tops the charts in all the weddings you have photographed so far…but then again I might be biased! 😉

  9. ShaeLee

    Marielle! Those are some of the most gorgeous wedding pictures I have ever seen. I love your sisters dress, loved Dallon’s outfit, loved everything! You’re family is so talented. BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Oh my goodness Marielle! Every single photo is STUNNING!!!! Seriously, this wedding was perfect! Morgan, the Oakland temple, the reception…everything was absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad I was able to be a part and take photos of the ring ceremony and reception! Every picture you take is awesome but I agree with some of the others, I think this wedding tops the charts! You seriously rock!

  11. Sue wiscombe

    These are fabulous! I could not have taken the pictures, I would need to put the camera down too much to dry my eyes! Your mom did an amazing job! LOVE. IT. ALL!

  12. Allie Jenkins

    These pictures are amazing! They make me want to get married. If you are in town when ( probably not for a very long time!) I get married, I would love it if you took my pictures. I’m in shock still!

  13. Megan Nicholson

    Wow I love the details of everything! especially the cake! wow. And great, great pictures!

  14. Absolutely wonderful, beautiful photography, Marielle. You managed to capture the emotion of Morgan and Dallon as well as all the hard work we put into planning their wedding and reception. I often said when preparing for their reception that it was a crafter’s dream…gluing, sewing, stenciling, painting, carving, etc. etc. and I wondered through all the work if all the time and details would show well, or even at all. You have managed to preserve the beauty of this day in a way that validates that all the hard work was worth it! I am blessed to have such a talented daughter! Great job, sweetie! xoxo

  15. Mallory

    I haven’t been able to get to your blog until now, and I decided to read all 16 comments you had BEFORE I looked at the photos. After reading each one, my heart kept beating faster and faster in anticipation. Then I read your mom’s comment and I just burst out in embarrassing bouts of tears. Pictures aside, YOU are loved, and adored, and practically worshiped.. by so many. Your work speaks for itself.
    Pictures back IN-side… Are ya KIDDIN me?! I’m beside myself. Seriously. There I am. 😉
    My heart hurts these pictures are so incredible. Morgan is a LUCKY, lucky, sister.
    Let’s be honest. I wish I lived in Cali… so I could be closer to you and your mom and your amazing combined talents!

  16. Marielle – THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SESSION EVER! Gosh dang your sister is so gorgeous, and her gown is to-die-for! Seriously, please send this to every wedding blog out there. These photos, the wedding decor, the people – all eye candy.

  17. Angel

    Oh my holy cuteness!!! That really is the most adorable wedding I’ve EVER seen! There is not one detial that I son’t LOVE! One day I’m throwing myself my own party!! So happy for your family! xoxo

  18. brittany porter

    MARIELLE! you already know how amazing i think you are!!! AHH BUT THIS WEDDING IS SERIOUSLY MAGICAL! your sister and brother in law are a dashing couple! and i am only slightly obsessed with EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR DECORE AND WARDROBE! haha i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

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