08.24.2011 Marielle

Vanessa & Neil. Palace of Fine Arts Wedding.

The most gratifying part of my job is that I get to document happiness in its purest form on THE best day of people’s lives. How awesome is my job?!?!? More awesome than I can even describe. But I will try. Photographing weddings is more awesome than the day when all Easter candy goes on sale for 75% off. And that’s a pretty awesome day, my friends (at least it is for me!). I love being able to capture people’s personalities, their beauty and their happiness with my camera. Being a part of Vanessa & Neil’s wedding was amazing because every time I looked through the viewfinder, I could tell that I was capturing nothing less than pure, beautiful joy oozing from Vanessa & Neil. It was a joyful day filled with more laughter than I ever thought possible. And it was all thanks to Vanessa & Neil’s amazingly fun personalities.

When I first met with Vanessa to chat about her upcoming wedding, I knew that I would love, LOVE working with them. She & Neil both have a spark-a zest for life that is incredible. After telling me about what they had planned-an afternoon ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, a fun reception at RF80 & including their fabulous dog, Beefy in the ceremony…I knew that if they didn’t hire me that I might have gone home and cried. No joke. Luckily, I was able to document their fun, fabulous wedding filled with details that were so perfect for Vanessa & Neil. I loved Vanessa’s amazing jade necklace & her chunky bracelets, I loved their amazingly perfect cake & I loved the awesome 90’s music they played throughout their reception-they had the best music out of any reception I’ve ever been to! My two favorite parts of the day were Neil dancing with Vanessa after they walked down the aisle as husband & wife and when Neil serenaded Vanessa with “Under my Skin” at the reception. Just thinking back about their wedding literally brings a huge smile to my face. I loved every second of their day…and I loved it more than 75% off Easter candy.

Vanessa & Neil-thank you SO much for making everyone have the best time on your wedding day. You both have the ability to make everyone around you feel happy & filled with joy. It is so obvious that you make each other incredibly, blissfully happy! You are both amazing, fabulous people!  Wishing you all the joy, happiness & all the fun that this big world has to offer. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! XOXO, marielle.

Yes, I died when I saw Vanessa’s shoes…

One of my favorites!

Their bridal party came along with us for the bride & groom photos-I loved that we had so much time for photos…and I loved how sassy this bridal party was!

I laugh every time I look at this one…

Pretty much the most amazing cake I’ve ever laid eyes on…

A special thanks to my friend Kirsten for helping me second shoot this wedding! Check out her work-she’s amazing!

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  1. Vanessa

    Marielle – my sweet sweet gal, THANK YOU for beaing the amazing photographer that you are! WE LOVE THE PICS! A tremendous hug is being sent to you right now via telepathy, can you feel it!? 🙂 THANK YOU!!!! Love, love love! AND we have to hang out, i knew we’d be pals after our first meeting, yay! xoxo

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  3. Rip

    Wow ~ Fantastic location ~ Wonderfully Captured.

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