10.24.2011 Marielle

Spooky Things.

I LOVE the month of October…or OctoVer as Hadley calls it. Personally, I like the V in there-it makes October seem a little more snazzy. In honor of a spooky month, here are some random, spooky things that have happened in my life!

* I went to lunch with Sam last week-he claimed that he wasn’t that hungry & then proceeded to eat his ENTIRE plate of Chinese food. I, on the other hand, wasn’t super hungry so I picked at my food…UNTIL I realized that there was a dead caterpillar in my food. With two black eyes. And cute little squishy legs. Except it wasn’t cute when it was dead in my vegetables. Thank heavens I hadn’t eaten a ton because Sam looked at the caterpillar on my plate…looked at his empty plate & almost barfed. Good times.

* Once while on vacation my younger sister hopped into her hotel bed, stretched out her long legs and felt something in the bed. And I bet you a million billion dollars that you’ll never in a million billion years guess what it was. A MOLAR. Not just a tooth, but a MOLAR. I think about that story all the time & it never gets less funny.

* When I was little, I had really, really long hair. One night I laid in bed & I could feel something crawling around in my hair. I went and told my parents that there was something in my hair. They sent me back to bed three times. I was persistent & finally my dad took me into his bathroom, had me sit down & he shook my hair…and a HUGE spider fell out & crawled across the floor. Told you so, dad.

* Last week we had a series of semi-small earthquakes that didn’t feel so semi-small. When the first one hit, I was so scared that my voice lowered like three octaves. It sounded like I was talking in slow motion. It was weird, creepy and soooooooo random.

* I think that’s enough spooky/random facts for now. I don’t want you to think that I’m weirder than you already do. Happy Octover, everyone!

Here’s a spooky photo of my sister at her wedding. Oh, the joys of photographing people you know REALLY well.

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  1. OK, so that had to be your funniest post to date…at least it was for me! Best laugh this early in the morning, for sure…I was crying in my oatmeal! Your spooky stories made me remember all those wonderful times. Great photo of Morgan, too…I can’t wait until I can see them all:)Love you, Marielle xoxo

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