10.25.2011 Marielle

Heather & David. Lake Tahoe at Heavenly Wedding.

She was the girl who would wear the silly argyle knee socks to school with him every Friday. She was the girl who was his best friend. He was the one who played practical jokes & made her laugh. He was the one who made her happy every.single.day. Together, their love is a love that is pure…sweet…a love that has grown deeper over time. They grew up as neighbors, less than two blocks away & began dating in High School. Over the years, they maintained a relationship that somehow remained uncomplicated-even though they dated long distance after High School. They made it work because they knew that something about their relationship would last-despite the miles between them.As they joined hands in a church at Lake Tahoe, it all became REAL. They had been together for years & years and suddenly it was their wedding day-the day that they had waited patiently for…the day that would be more incredible & more amazing than every adventure they had been on together. On a beautiful, warm August afternoon they were joined as husband & wife…and they spent the rest of the day celebrating the love that they had felt for as long as they had known each other.

They were married in a beautiful cathedral at Incline & they spent the night celebrating atop Heavenly Ski Resort-at an elevation of 10,100 feet! Guests rode a gondola to the top of the mountain & enjoyed stunning views of Lake Tahoe as they danced the night away. The night was a perfect, starry night & was a perfect venue for Heather & David’s reception! I loved the pink paper lanterns, the pale pink accents, the pink argyle socks that the groomsmen wore, the pinecone details & the classically beautiful decor everywhere. The evening was flawless & a perfect reflection of Heather & David’s love for each other!

Heather & David-thank you so much for having me photograph your incredible day! Wishing you love, laughter & lots of practical jokes in your new life together! XOXO, marielle.

Lake Tahoe is a PERFECT place for a wedding…it’s always beautiful!

Love when my couples choose to see each other before the ceremony…their nerves dissipate & it’s always a beautiful moment…

LOVE this one!

Heather…you are beautiful!


I LOVE this shot! We were really lucky to get this shot because the light was thisclose to being gone…love how this turned out!

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  1. Flora

    STUNNING!!! Marielle, you are incredible!

  2. These are beautiful Marielle! I’ve seen a lot (ALOT) of Tahoe wedding pictures and these are so different and great. It’s so refreshing!

  3. I so love this photographs. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted. There are so many wonderful pictures. Stunning & emotional. You rock!

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