11.07.2011 Marielle

Emily & Kealan. Reno Engagements.

It all began at Clayton Middle School…in Miss Sawyer’s English class…in the font row…and since Emily & Kealan were seated right next to each other in that front row, their lives would never be the same. Miss Sawyer put Kealan in the front row because he was rowdy & she thought if he was in the front row, he would behave better in class. And Emily was put in the front row because she was shy & Miss Sawyer thought that it help her to make friends if she sat in the front row. Well, Miss Sawyers’s wisdom in her placement of her students paid off! Emily & Kealan began dating & have been together ever since! In a time of life when most kids are confused & well, awkward, something came very clear to Emily & Kealan…they made each other happy. Wait: that’s an understatement: they made each other the HAPPIEST. They made each other laugh. They made each other better people. And they couldn’t see their lives without the other in it. I’m a big believer of romances that start at Clayton Middle School because that’s where my parent’s met!

Years later, one Christmas morning, Emily & Kealan excitedly checked their stockings to see what Santa had brought them (don’t you love how opening your stockings never gets less exciting-no matter what your age!?!?). At the bottom of her stocking, Emily felt a box. She immediately knew what it was….and she froze! She finally pulled the box out of her stocking to find it empty. She turned around & Kealan was on one knee with a beautiful vintage ring that fits fabulous Emily soooooo perfectly. She excitedly said YES!!!!! They are getting married in May & I am super, SUPER excited to photograph their wedding! On their wedding day, it will be 10 years that they’ve been together & I have a feeling that it is going to be the celebration of a lifetime!

Emily & Kealan thought it would be fun to shoot their engagements at the place where their story began-at the middle school! We were excited to find out that the day we were planning on shooting their engagements that the Reno Hot Air Balloon Races were happening so we started the photos there. I loved all the bright colors from the balloons! We had a great time & I am beyond excited to witness their wedding in May! Here are my favorites from their super fun engagement session…


Then we headed over to Clayton Middle School…which was an amazing location!

Check out Emily’s fabulous vintage ring….isn’t it incredible? Love Kealan’s ring, as well!

I’m sure they couldn’t be any cuter together! LOVE this one.

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  1. Nicole Gularte

    Adorable pictures, and an even more adorable couple! Love! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  2. Great work! I love the wide angle shot of them looking at the balloons, the ring shot, and the one where they are silhouetted on the stair case! Beautiful!

  3. What a sweet couple. These photographs show just how sweet they are together. You are an amazing photographer.

  4. I looove love love this photo shoot! SO MUCH! Great job, Marielle! I’m going to pin this… don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone that it belongs to awesome you.

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