11.28.2011 Marielle

Trina & Anthony. San Francisco Engagements.

It’s crazy how things come full circle. Trina & Anthony first met over 20 years ago in middle school…they were close friends & they even had a short relationship (like most middle school romances it lasted about 36 hours!). Over time, they realized that they were just the best of friends. They would see each other at church dances, in the hallway at school & they’d talk after school-making each other laugh like crazy. As time went on, Trina & Anthony moved on to High School, getting wrapped up in their schoolwork, extra curricular activities, school & LIFE. Years went by & one day Anthony saw Trina on Facebook (thank Mark Zuckerburg!). Suddenly a wave of memories came back to Anthony & he remembered the beautiful, funny & fabulous Trina. He HAD to contact her. Anthony had to be persistent with Trina & convinced her to go on a date with her. As soon as their date began, they picked up right where they had left off…and once again they became the best of friends. They would meet for dinner every few weeks & as time went on, they realized that they could not be without each other. They made each other laugh, they had a blast when they were together & most importantly, they were head over heels in love with each other!

As they were celebrating a family member’s birthday, Anthony stole Trina away from the party in a limo & took her back to the same middle school where they had first met. He explained that it was in those halls at that very school where he fell in love with her all those years ago…that he never wanted to be without her in his life again. He got down on one knee and presented her with the most GORGEOUS ring and asked here to be his wife. After a few minutes of being speechless & looking at that ring……she said YES!!!!!!! I am SUPER excited for their wedding at Tahoe in the spring!

Funny story about their engagement location…they wanted to go to Baker Beach-a place where I’ve shot dozens & dozens of engagements. Apparently Baker Beach is a nude beach & so every.single.time I go there with a couple, I always mention, “this is supposedly a nude beach but out of the dozens of times I’ve been here, I’ve NEVER seen anyone in the nude.” When I took Trina & Anthony there, I gave them the disclaimer about it being a nude beach & we laughed about how funny it would be if we saw people there in their birthday suits. As we walked closer & closer to the Golden Gate Bridge, we saw off in the distance a horrifying sight: an old man doing YOGA in the nude!!!! I almost died laughing. The waves were bigger than I’ve ever seen them at the beach & I LOVE that Trina & Anthony climbed up these rocks so we could get this awesome shot…


Nice work on the ring, Anthony!

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