01.12.2012 Marielle

Monica & Jorge. Emeryville Engagements.

He would always try to catch a glimpse of Monica as she left class in high school. Jorge was in the classroom next door & he would see her every now & again in the hallway… Smitten by her good looks, Jorge was intrigued & wanted to get to know her. As time went on, they began to notice each other & through a mutual friend, they began talking. Over the summer, he got a call from Monica…they ended up setting up a date, planning on going to the movies but ended up going to different movie theaters! After they realized that they had gone to separate theaters, they met up & went for a walk instead. It was the first of many, many conversations that they would have together. They began talking on the phone for hours & hours and over the course of time, Jorge finally asked her to be his. And they’ve been together ever since! They are a dynamic duo who love to simply be together no matter what they are doing.

We met up in Emeryville for their engagements-I LOVE Emeryville because there are so many amazing backgrounds & unexpected colors everywhere. We had a great time exploring & laughing-I am excited to shoot Monica & Jorge’s wedding this year & can’t wait to see how beautiful their day is going to be! Here are my favorites from their engagements!

Monica’s ring is stunning!

This is one of my favorites of the day! Loved the light as the sun faded…

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  1. You always find the funniest spots! Some of those places I pass all the time and would never think of getting a pic there…SO creative. What a cute couple 🙂

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