01.26.2012 Marielle

Amber & Conan. Lake Tahoe Wedding.

It was one of the only Saturdays last summer where I wasn’t booked for a wedding. I was on a mini-vacation at Lake Tahoe with my family, enjoying the summer sun & the sand in my toes. While soaking in the sun, my phone rang & on the other line was a voice that asked, “Did you bring your camera to town?” I had brought my camera to town because I was visiting for my sister’s bridal shower & I had brought my camera, one lens & my flash. “Yes….” I responded. The woman asked, “Can you shoot a wedding RIGHT NOW?” Amber & Conan’s photographer had written down the wrong date for their wedding & about 10 minutes before the ceremony began, they realized that it was very likely that they would have no professional photographs for their wedding. Thanks to their fast thinking wedding coordinator, I was contacted & although I knew I wouldn’t make it to that side of the lake for the ceremony (it was an hour drive), I knew I could make it to the reception site in time to get some bride & groom photographs as well as photographs during the reception. So I met Amber & Conan for the first time on their wedding day right as they pulled up to the reception. We had some time to quickly get some bride & groom shots by beautiful Lake Tahoe before their reception started & spent the rest of the evening capturing the heartfelt toasts, the sweet dances & the fun evening that their families & friends enjoyed.

This wedding was definitely a testament to me that you don’t need a myriad of lenses to get great photographs-I literally had one-ONE lens for this wedding so there was no option for me to switch lenses. When I first started photography, I had a long, LONG list of all the lenses I needed. Sam encouraged me to get really good at using one lens & then we could build up from there over time. My first year of photography I carried one lens & now in my sixth year, I only carry four lenses. For all you photographers out there, I hope & pray you are in constant contact with your clients before the wedding day so that something like this never happens!

Amber & Conan were so laid back, easy to work with & the kindest people on the planet. I loved getting to know them a little bit & I was so glad to be able to come at the last minute & take some photographs for them to remember their wedding! It was a beautiful event, filled with laughter, dancing & a whole lotta love. Here are my favorites…

My favorite…

I loved how they turned the glass cups upside down & used them as centerpieces!

I’m always a softie when it comes to the daddy daughter dance…

I’ve had a couple of people ask WHICH lens was the lens I shot with me…it’s my favorite lens-the 85mm 1.4!

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  1. So, after all of that you didn’t tell us WHICH lens you had!

    These are beautiful, and a great testament to your talent. :o)

    (Pppsssstttt… I’d love to know which lens~!)

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