02.16.2012 Marielle

Debbie & Jaren. Palo Alto Engagements.

She claims that she could never give a guy a real chance until she sees how he performs on the soccer field. Lucky for Debbie, she & Jaren first met playing soccer on an indoor soccer team. And lucky for Jaren, he was pretty darn impressive with his soccer skills. They began dating, fell in love & then Jaren moved to California for a new job opportunity. They dated long distance & feel deeper in love despite the geographic distance between them.

On New Years Eve, Debbie came to visit Jaren & they decided to attend the art museum at Stanford. Jaren had one of his friends paint a painting of Jaren proposing to Debbie at the art museum & with permission, they hung the painting on the wall of the museum before Debbie & Jaren came inside. As they were admiring the different pieces of art, Jaren prompted Debbie to look at the artwork that his friend had made. And before Debbie could say anything, Jaren took a knee & asked Debbie to be his wife. She said yes & they are getting married in the Oakland Temple this spring.

We went down to Palo Alto for their engagement, wandered the Stanford Campus & the charming downtown area. I LOVE it down there-it’s so picturesque & being with Debbie & Jaren was just icing on the cake. We had a great time together & I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a few months.

Oh and P.S. Debbie-if you ever don’t want any clothes in your darling wardrobe, CALL ME.

Love this one SO MUCH…

I climbed a tree for this photo…it was quite a sight to see me dramatically get up the tree (with Jaren’s help). Love how they turned out, though!


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  1. My favorite picture was the one from the tree but then I saw the one on the stairs and then I saw the rest and I just couldn’t decide. All of these pictures are fabulous!

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