03.14.2012 Marielle

Maggie & Shaun. San Francisco Engagements.

They met in school & they were friends in passing. On a whim they decided to have breakfast together & their friendship quickly grew from there. On a restless, hot summer night in Los Angeles, they both decided to head to deserted Malibu beach, armed with snacks, drinks, & blankets. As the ocean waves crashed on the shore, there they were…sharing their life stories until the sun rose. And it was on that deserted beach that Maggie & Shaun realized that they were more than friends…they realized that they were truly soul mates. Just two months later, they were backpacking across Europe together…riding moto-scooters through France, braving thunderstorms in Switzerland & dodging killer mosquitoes in Italy. They spent every waking moment together—frequently lost, hungry & broke—but their adventures were incredible & they had the time of their lives. And they just so happened to be falling in love along the journey together.

After their trip to Europe, Shaun returned to Los Angeles & Maggie stayed in Ireland to work on a dairy farm (so cool, right!) They spent three months writing letters to each other & coordinating phone calls with an eight hour time difference. When Maggie arrived back in the United States, they reunited…and their adventures kept going & kept getting better from there. On a work trip to Las Vegas in December, they took an unplanned trip to City Hall where Reverend Jim made official what they already knew was true in their hearts-that they would stand by each others sides-no matter what the journey was ahead.

Maggie & Shaun are seriously adorable together-they make each other so happy! Since their wedding was impromptu, they are planning a celebration this summer & I can’t wait to be a part of it. We had a fabulous time together in San Francisco on one of the most gorgeous days I can remember in the city. I loved hearing their amazing stories & getting to know them better….and now I really can’t wait for their amazing wedding celebration this summer! Here are my favorites (I had a tough time narrowing them down!)


Maggie & Shaun can attest to the fact that I was literally obsessed with this pink tree. Isn’t it beautiful?

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