04.03.2012 Marielle

Cathy & Cody. Piedmont Park Engagements.

Their first date was to Great America. Spending the day on rides that twisted & turned, they laughed & had an incredible time together. After meeting online & spending weeks talking on the phone, emailing & getting to know each other, Cody asked Cathy if he could fly out & meet her in real life. And he did. They spent their first date laughing & having a great time at Great America. Over time (and lots of long distance trips to visit each other!) they realized that there wasn’t anyone else they would rather be with. They truly had become the best of friends despite the geographical distance between them. On a trip into town where Cody brought his daughter & Cathy brought her son, they spent the weekend like a real family-laughing, playing, visiting the Mystery Spot, playing laser tag…and as they spent time together, they realized that they truly would make a perfect family together. Cody proposed on Thanksgiving Day with a stunning ring & Cathy said yes! They are planning a September wedding in the Oakland LDS Temple & I am super excited to be able to document the joy & happiness from their wedding! Cathy & Cody definitely know how to have a fun time together & it is neat to see how much they care for each other.

We spent the morning in Piedmont & in all honesty-I could have taken Cathy & Cody ANYWHERE for photographs & they would have made any location look amazing! Here are my favorites from their session…

LOVE this one!

Awesome job on Cathy’s ring, Cody! It’s stunning…

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