04.04.2012 Marielle

Laney & Josh. Tilden Park Engagements.

They had briefly met at church rafting activity in the summer. And as life does to everyone, their paths took different directions & they didn’t see each other again until a few months later. They briefly chatted, continued conversations on Facebook, but once again, it was awhile until they re-connected. Then out of the blue on one Sunday in May, Josh & Laney’s paths crossed. Again. But this time I guess you could say that the third time was a charm. Laney was at church & happened to have an empty seat next to her. Little did she know that this time, Josh came specifically to look for her! They caught up & before church was through, he had asked Laney out. And they’ve been together ever since. They fell in love cooking together, trying each other’s favorite activities such as volleyball games, chorale concerts & crossword puzzles. No matter what they are doing, they are happy to be together. At Golden Gate Park around Christmas, Josh proposed to Laney with a lovely antique ring. She said yes & they are getting married TOMORROW! Needless to say, I’m still a bit behind on my blogging but I wanted to get these up before the wedding day!

I can’t wait to see Laney & Josh tomorrow at their Oakland Temple Wedding. I’ve known Laney’s family for a few years & I can honestly say that they are some of my favorite people on planet Earth. Her family has the ability to make everyone around them feel welcome & loved. And now that I’ve met Josh, I know he will make the perfect addition to their family. If their wedding is anything like their engagement session, I know I’m in for a fabulous treat with two wonderful people.

We spent the morning in Tilden Park & here are my favorites from their engagements…

My very favorite…

They are so happy together! Love this one…

Josh proposed to Laney with this beautiful antique ring….

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  1. Rose Gelin

    I’m so happy for you Laney. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it but I wish you the best on your wedding.

  2. Athena Bringhurst

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to attend the reception tomorrow night!

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