07.18.2012 Marielle

Alexis & Shay. Joaquin Miller Park Engagements.

Alexis was sure of it. She was sure that to make it to the hockey game that she & Shay needed to take the train. She was so positive, in fact, that Shay didn’t question her-although he knew that the game was close enough to not need public transportation. When they arrived at the arena, they saw quite the opposite of an ice hockey game-they saw an ice rink full of aspiring figure skaters. Alexis was embarrassed that she had led them the wrong way…but Shay made the best of the situation because in reality, he was way more interested in Alexis than he was in watching the hockey game. Shay suggested that instead of taking the train back, that they walk along the river & get hot chocolate. They spent hours in the crisp night time air talking, joking, playing on the playground, singing an off-key version of “O Christmas Tree” to a solitary evergreen & ultimately realizing that they just might be the one for each other. They both loved how comfortable they were around each other & because they had taken the wrong way, they were able to get to know each other better.

Time passed & they knew that they were perfectly matched for each other. One night after a romantic dinner, Shay asked Alexis to take a walk down the Charles River…she was surprised because it was about 28 degrees outside with 15 mph winds. Along the walk, Shay had placed a beautiful table with sparkling cider, flowers & a scrapbook that he had made-detailing their story together from their first date together. Then he told her that the best way to continue their story would be for him to ask her to marry him. Inside the scrapbook, Shay had cut out a space for the ring. With tearful eyes, Alexis happily accepted. They are getting married next month at the beautiful Oakland Temple & I am SO excited to be a part of their celebration! All of their engagements were shot at the beautiful Joaquin Miller Park & I had a great time laughing with them! Here are my favorites….

The park is lovely & the light was amazing…

Love this one…

I was obsessed with the tree on the right…

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