07.11.2012 Marielle

Carol & Derrick. Oakland Temple Wedding.

At their wedding reception, there was a sign that simply said, “Love Grows.” Because Carol & Derrick have spent the past three years together, they have definitely seen their love grow & blossom over time. And on a beautiful, warm day, they exited the Oakland Temple as husband & wife-ready to finish their long-distance relationship & ready to begin their lives in the same city…together. Their day was filled with sunshine, love & laughter and it was a joy to see Carol & Derrick so happy! You can definitely tell just by being with Carol & Derrick that their love for each other will continue to grow each & every day-that each day they will fall more & more in love with each other. They are a sweet, wonderful couple & I was blessed to be able to document the beginning of their lives as a married couple!

I loved the simple yet elegant feel of this wedding-the vivid green & yellow colors popped against the cream color of Carol’s dress & the tan of Derrick’s suit. Carol wore a lovely J Crew wedding gown & accented it with a flower in her hair & a long gold pendant. Derrick wore a tan three piece suit & a green tie which looked equally dapper. Their wedding reception was held at Derrick’s parents beautiful home-guests visited as they admired the gorgeous views of the rolling California hills. The reception was perfectly simple-Carol & Derrick wanted to spend time with their guests & that’s exactly what they did. They were able to talk to each guest & express their appreciation for coming to celebrate their special day. I loved that they were able to take the time to talk to every single guest. The food was incredible, the cake was to-die-for & the afternoon was spent celebrating a darling, darling couple. What could be better than that? After their reception, they headed off to spend their honeymoon in…wait for it…Belize! How.lucky.are.they?!?!?

Carol & Derrick-thank you so, soooooo much for having me photograph your beautiful wedding! I loved getting to know you both & I know you will have an exciting & beautiful life together as a couple! With appreciation, XOXO, marielle.

Husband & Wife!!!

Derrick makes Carol sooooo happy!

I know it goes without saying, but isn’t Carol sooooooo fashionable? I loved her Heidi Klum shoes & her pendant necklace!

Carol & Derrick are the BEST because they jumped on a trampoline for some fun photos! I love how much fun they were having!

I loved the chalkboard sign that pointed to the reception & I thought their cake was beautiful!

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