07.06.2012 Marielle

Sarah & James. Thomas Estates Wedding.

When you see Sarah & James together, you just know that they are head over heels in love with each other. It’s obvious through the way they look at each other…the way they make each other smile…the way he calls her darling & she lights up. You get the sense that if they didn’t have each other, that their lives simply could not go on. It’s an amazing thing to witness & it was even more amazing to witness Sarah & James become husband & wife on a lovely summer day. There was not one minute of their day where Sarah & James weren’t beaming with joy. They are the kind of couple who you can imagine years down the road, with grey hair & weathered skin-still holding hands, making each other laugh & still making each other deliriously happy.

Sarah & James were married at the amazing Thomas Estates in Pleasanton. The venue boasts amazing views of the golden California Hills & is quite literally the perfect venue for a wedding. I LOVED shooting there. They were married in a quaint chapel on the grounds & the reception was held on the lawn overlooking a vineyard. The tables were set with pale green linens & decorated with arrangements of beautiful flowers set in vintage tea pots. Sarah’s sweet mother scoured vintage shops & garage sales for silver tea pots & they were the perfect centerpiece for the flower arrangements! Because James is from London, they had lots of English details-the flagpole had both an American flag for Sarah & a British flag for James. James & his Groomsmen wore traditional English Morning Suits. They have been planning their wedding all the way over in London & I have to say that Sarah was such an organized bride, which made the day run so smoothly. They allotted for enough time before the ceremony for me to photograph the entire bridal party, all the family formals & almost all of their bride & groom formals, which gave them time to mingle with their guests & enjoy their cocktail hour! Guests dined on amazing food, sipped on Sangria & watched the sun as it slipped behind the golden hills. After dinner, the party really started! Sarah & James hired an incredible band who got every single guest out on the dance floor. It was definitely one of the funnest (yes, funnest!) weddings I’ve ever attended & I am so grateful to have been able to document Sarah & James’ incredibly fun, sweet & amazing wedding!!!

Sarah & James-thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for choosing me to photograph your wedding. It’s couples like you who make my job so fun & so easy. You are truly a perfect match & I know that your marriage will be filled with love, joy & never-ending happiness. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness & joy together! XOXO, marielle.

James was so thrilled to see Sarah in her amazing dress!

Sarah-you looked breathtaking!

And James looked quite dapper in his Morning Suit!

To say that I.LOVED.Sarah’s.Bridesmaids would be a total understatement. I LOOOOOOVED working with them! They were sooooo funny & up for anything-including trying to all fit under Sarah’s veil for a fun photo!

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  1. Amy Malloy

    Truly truly amazing photos! Not only a rather photogenic couple (!) but also what lovely personal comments you’ve made Marielle. What a gorgeous service you provide. You have really captured Sarah and Jimbo (what the Brits call him 🙂 ) down to a t!

  2. Michael Henderson

    Wow!!!! Marielle, these are are simply stunning!! I agree totally with Amy’s comments above, they are a very photogenic couple! Well, with Sarah’s natural beauty and James’s inherited good looks (I’m sure I’m allowed to say that as his father??!!), you have produced some really amazing photographs! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!

  3. Ella Fletcher

    Huge congratulations Sarah and Jimbo! The photos are incredible and Sarah you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Can’t wait to catch up with you both soon and hear all of the stories about your magical day. Lots of love xx

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